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And the last of the main character pages are done! 
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He really wanted to have her all to him .

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Poor deer, or rabbit. I don’t know.
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i like how spottedshadow shares some chracteristics like her grandmother
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LOVED this episode :D
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Aaaa your video of Goldenpelt is amazing!! He is such an interesting character with an incredible backstory! I love it!! I can’t wait to learn more about StarClan Battles!:D (Big Grin) 
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Aaah, this was such a good episode! I've got a feeling that Goldenpelt will be one of, if not my favorite, character! Everything about him is just so cool, and he's so well developed! I can't wait to see more of Goldenpelt and his interactions with Forestleaf :D
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Love these OCs, I ship Spottedshadow and Wildfur pretty hard now so I am looking forward to more Starclan Battles content because I am hoping they end up together in the end.

Darn talented you and your talented friends anyway HOW DARE YOU... thought I'd share this with you, hope you enjoy as it's partly your fault! the Warriors fandom has created a monster... I found the books because of my love of art and animation rather than the other way round (I am, shall we say, a bit older than the target audience) and now this happened:
  Warrior Cats: a Summary by an Outsider by latinforgoddess
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I was thinking about this recently actually... I can track this right down to your doorstep, come to recall. I was looking for YouTube animation tutorials and found your series. Then there were MAPs, and from there other YouTube stuff leading to some of the folks I follow on dA and etc. So yup, it's almost entirely your fault, really. I'll let you decide if you should be proud or ashamed of yourself lol! ;)
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i haven't even had a chance to watch this episode yet xD but man, i love it!! how did you get so good at drawing???
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agagaga he's my favorite but I feel like he shouldn't be lol
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Hey! Is there any way you would include fan oc's? I think it'd be a cool way to involve your viewers and develop your story! They could give you new perspectives to lead your story from and expand upon it if it isn't finished just yet haha. Just an idea though! Love your work and I can't wait for more!! 
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That sounds like a bad idea because too many people who watch her content has a Warrior OC and people will get upset if she didn't include their's. That would put way too many extra cats in story that most likely have too many cats to being with.
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every time i refresh DA i end up here 
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Kinda sad that this is the last page, can't wait to see where the story takes us though :')
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This is great! Can’t wait for the YouTube video!
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Watched the video! Super cool!
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ACK *runs to youtube*
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