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I love doing these pages. It really helps me refamilarize myself with the characters and focus on the important aspects of their backstory. Dawnfrost belongs to :iconcaptainmorwen:!

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Has the full comic been made yet and if so where can I see it?
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I want to know that as well
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Too cool for rules
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cool! i love Dawnfrost look! and how you drew her
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isn't this the one you did yesterday?? very beautiful by the way, i'm so jealous of your art ability. wish mine was nearly close to as good as yours
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You can practice and even borrow other styles until you're comfortable to make or change up the style you're using to make it your own. Once you find a style it's really very easy to draw, animate, ect. :3

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i know ^^ and i've been doing so much major art improvements just by watching drawing a blank actually. i'm so happy about it!!!! honestly, Tennelle has done more for me then any old art teacher - and she doesn't even know it!!!
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Your art is good as always , Good job and happy new year
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is there a fanart folder by any chance?
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Dang, our characters have really evolved over the years, I love the cohesive story-line we are working towards ^^
I can't wait to see Goldie boi!
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loved the story and her design, she is simple, but super elegant in a way, 
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I love Dawnfrost’s design and backstory. I think she’s my favorite besides Spottedshadow and Wolfthorn, Can’t wait to hear Goldenpelt’s story. ^^
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Aw, she waited such a long time for him. I know how she feels, I am in a complicated relationship with someone from another country and who knows when I will see him again, or if we were ever meant to have specifically a romantic partnership even though I know we'll be close no matter what (perhaps things would have been different for them if there was a forest cat internet). That and the Wildfur/Spottedshadow stuff gives me all the feels. Love on its own is not enough, things have to WORK. You don't always get to be with the ones who understand you the most. Doing your best with family and friends with whom your bonds are not so simple or peaceful, because you are still surrounded by and part of each other, split loyalties and desires... yeeeeup it's all here, all the angsts of life. Ah me. Looking forward to more of Starclan Battles, for sure!
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So... who do I send the fan art to??
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Everyone's Favorite ThunderClan Gal
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OMG! So cute! Do you do commissions of pages like this? O.O 
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Omg i need to see this vid right now I've been waiting for this one!!!
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I love how fluffy she looks, mostly her tail!
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teh sweet child <3
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