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Made a ko-fi and a curious cat page :D ko-fi.com/tenmuki and curiouscat.me/tenmuki
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Thanks for the core membership @_____@ I'll do my best not to waste it
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First of all, Happy 2016 everyone! I hope it'll be a great year for all of you as I hope it will be for me :)

For those who are interested in my story with Armor Blitz, please keep reading. Otherwise, I would urge you to at least check out the group below :)!

And if you like what you see at the group, please join us, watch us, and tell your friends about us! We could use all the help we can get!

** I did not mean to write an essay, but it kinda turned into an essay.


~About Armor Blitz~

I feel like it is due time for me to make an official announcement about my role at Armor Blitz.

For those who missed my Matilda II submission, I had previously stated that I am now part of the Armor Blitz development team.

What is Armor Blitz you say? 

Well you might have seen us commissioning several popular artists here on DeviantArt these days. That is because Armor Blitz is a mobile CCG (Collectible Card Game)! For those who know the genre, think Soccer Spirits and Chain Chronicles that you might have seen(or even played) in your app store. For those who don't, CCGs are card collection games where you slowly accumulate a variety of beautifully drawn characters that you can use for gameplay.

Therefore, we need art <3

My Story

As for my personal involvement, I first met the development team when I moved for Graduate School at the end of August, 2015.

The project director is a friend of my friend, who referred me to him since I happened to be moving to where development team was. For the Director(calling him the director makes him sound old, but he's pretty young mind you haha), developing mobile games is his dream, and he had gathered a few faithful partners/students from my University to venture down this path with him. They had been working on Armor Blitz for about a year back then. 

At first, I merely observed from the sidelines, but after meeting the team, I can feel the potential this game has and decided to help.

Oh, but I'm lazy remember? I only promised to do very little initially, offering advise/opinion where I could. Plus, even my art was at a shaky stage. My style and coloring had changed a lot in 2015.

But the more I worked with them, the more I see what a great team this is, and how each member has so much to offer. Everyone is skilled in their own field, despite being students and/or recent grads, and is always learning and improving upon what they know in order to further the game. I, for one, was thoroughly impressed. I had never worked with people like them on a project like this, and I just had to jump in.

For someone like me who is super risk averse, it takes a lot for me to devote so much to an uncertain venture. 

My Role

There are 5 of us right now, and everyone takes on multiple roles to fill in all the work that needs to be done. 

Officially, I am the artist and accountant (very inexperienced noob accountant, but I am studying for a Masters in Accounting afterall)

I have designed and will be designing some characters for the game with the help of the Director, who is also an artist, but not an anime artist perse. He is wickedly good (in my opnion) at environment paintings as well as mechanical arts. He said he is naturally good at perspectives, which I just cannot comprehend.

But yes, he is basically good at everything that I suck at, which kinda works out when we collab. I draw the girl; he draws the tank parts. PERFECT!

Yes, I also do the accounting side aka financial projections and statements, and I offer whatever little business knowledge that I have.

In addition, I communicate with other artists for commissions and am now handling the ArmorBlitz Deviantart Group. In a way, I'm working on promoting Armor Blitz as well, which is absolutely critical to the game. Since I cannot help with the actual game programming side of things, promotion is something that I can help with.

For Armor Blitz, I learned to decorate DA pages (finally! was too lazy to learn it for my own profile before) and learned to make speedpaint videos. For Armor Blitz, I learned more about entrepreneurship than I could ever have in a classroom. All of the sudden, every business class I take can somehow be applied to our little startup.

We are small and new; we do not have the resources that other game companies have, but we will fight to make Armor Blitz a success.

What I need you to do

If you've read all of that just now, I hope you're at least somewhat emotionally invested in Armor Blitz at this point haha. 

It would help A TON if you could link us on your page and/or write a journal about us, even if you don't join ArmorBlitz . What we need is a quantifiable follower base to convince the investors that we can succeed and some sort of evidence to prove that this game can make it big. 

We are releasing Armor Blitz this summer. Let's spread the word!

If you'd like, please follow us at the following sites as well! <3

Thank you all dearly, 

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Yesssss it is that time of the year again!

Secret santas has been something that I do and enjoy every year ^0^/ let's have another good year!


If you want to draw a girl:
I got some OCs

:bulletred:Xin - (This last one is like a fancy angel version of her. but she's normally a bunny...)
Adorable pictures of Xin drawn by others<3 - 

:bulletgreen:Eri  please excuse the super old refs :X (sorry i haven't drawn you these days lil' baby, should probably update character design lol!!! notice the outfit similarity to Xin???)

Adorable pictures of Eri drawn by others <3 - 

:bulletred:my airmail girl -  another old ref I apologize. she's not quite an OC but for some reason I think of her every so often.(I keep imagining a manga about her delivering mail with those flying boots of hers lol)

a doodle of her I did in 2014 ->

I don't have OCs really but I'm pretty smitten with Gokotai from Touken Ranbu ->
feel free to google search for more appropriate refs. ;)

That is all, my Santa!

xoxo mukitan :D
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Hello boys and gals. 

I shall be attending Youmacon this weekend at the Artist Alley table F18~!~!~

And because I am too lazy to figure out how to post pictures in my journal (or more likely i can't cuz i'm not premium?) here's a link to my facebook post about my table position ahah:


I'll be facing the hallway between the Dealer's area and the AA.

I'm not sure if anyone here's going, but if you are, please visit~ <3

mukitan tenmuki 
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