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SmashUltimate - Rosalina

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh just thought Rosalina was super pretty, so I had to draw her <3 and i'm going along with my black/yellow alt themes heheheheheh

Was a lot of fun coloring this one! had the luxury to explore CSP some more and nitpick on little nuances to see what looked good and what didn't. took a while though but I think it turned out pretty well :3

p.s. the symmetry tool on CSP helped a lot with drawing the crown and at the star pendant!! and all the free materials that were easily loaded were super helpful as well. I love SAI and SAI's brushes but if I become as good with CSP as I am with SAI then I think I can do a lot more :dance: though I haven't been able to find brushes in CSP to fully emulate my SAI brushes. But who knows, maybe I can be flexible and adopt a slightly different coloring method :)
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She looks so gorgeous 
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She looks so beautiful 
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She looks so lovely Clap
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pfftttt this is so perfect :squee:
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Good morning friend, amazing and beauty. 
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Beautiful art :love:
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You got a Switch? Super Mario Odyssey Stone Tiki Shades Emoticon 
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A beauty, but her nose is kinda off (imho)
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thanks! and honestly I keep looking at her nose too xD, but i drew the whole face without hair covering it first and it looked fine so maybe it's just the way I colored it? :thinking:
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Could be, Anyway love your render and drawing overall.
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She looks so incredibly gorgeous!
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