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I took a 2 week "vacation" back home to visit family and friends in my hometown. As usual, I took my camera everywhere, and took photos in my parent's house, in the woods behind my sister's house, and urban exploring with a friend in Buffalo. I've uploaded all of the shots I like from my 2 weeks in Western NY, and come to find that my DSLR reached 9999 photos, and I had my first rollover!
Thanks to everyone who has +fav'd and commented in my work, here's to another 10k!
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I just finished my first full year of being a photography major at The University of the Arts (first year is "foundation" aka every random visual art except for photo), and so I'm devoting the summer break to "personal art" time. Which, apparently, meant editing photos from 2009. HOLY SHIT 2009!
Ok, so back story on the series. On August 28th and 29th, I went to Chicago to see two of the last ten Nine Inch Nails shows. After between 11 and 12 hours on a bus, and the best weekend of my life, on the 30th I went on a day-long abandoned building trek with my urban decay buddy fragilemidnight and a friend of hers (I think his DevID is statlernerd ) in Gary, Indiana. Now, I have a terrible memory as it is, but remembering things from nearly 2 years ago, hah. I know we went to 4 places, the... second/third one (one of the middle ones) was an abandoned theater, and the last one being an abandoned church. I'm not going to label each photo, where it was, etc. They're all from that day. Good enough description. I'm also not going to give them all fancy artistic names, because screw that there's 48 of these things and I used up all my artistic BS word usage in class. So they are just whatever number photo I've taken with that camera.
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My best inspiration has always been music (especially Nine Inch Nails).
To my, and everyone's surprise, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) released a 36-track instrumental album called Ghosts I-IV (and yay, there will be more volumes to come).
"This collection of music is the result of working from a very visual perspective - dressing imagined locations and scenarios with sound and texture; a soundtrack for daydreams."~TR
Now, normal NIN albums inspire me enough, but an album that from the start was visual...

So, as soon as I heard the album all the way through, I started taking pictures around my house that very night.
I made a folder in my gallery for these shots. I will be taking many, many more, and hope to have a shot for each track ("1 Ghosts I" - "36 Ghosts IV").
The folder can be found here:…

If you want to hear what's inspiring these photos, visit and click listen for a streaming sample, download the first 9 tracks for free, or order/download the full album. Or, you can go to and go to music to listen to even more tracks.

I was asked why the images are named "inspired by (name of track)".
This is a bit more explanation about the project.
I listened to the whole album all the way through a few times. For some songs I could see specific ideas (one that apparently Rob also picked up on, flowing water for 23 and 24). For others, I could see waves of color (warm colors like red, yellow, orange for some; cool colors like blur, purple, gray for others) but no definite shape or idea/object/theme, just colors. Starting from there, I took my camera for a walk while listening to Ghosts. Each song inspired a different photo. Some songs inspired a few shots, and some photos seemed to fit with multiple songs. After the sun went down, I headed in after day one, cropped (no photomanipulation) the images, and listened to one song on repeat at a time while I went back through the finished images I took from that day, making sure each song and picture matched up. Then, I titled them, according to which song inspired them.

EDIT2: Seems I'm not the only one inspired by Ghosts. Make sure to check out drawings inspired by Ghosts I-IV here:
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I ended up getting a Cannon Rebel XTI kit with a black base camera, 2 lenses, filter kit and remote. I'm loving it but unfortunately I've been rather uninspired lately so I've had few chances to test it out so far.
As my girlfriend is recording the local college's basketball games for them, I've been playing around with it. Unfortunately it's not very light in there, so in order to have well-exposed photos that aren't blurry due to fast-moving people throwing a ball around, I had to set it to a very high ISO so the shots are noisy.
Hopefully I'll get a lot of practice in soon as I plan on going back up to Buffalo for more abandoned places photos.
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My girlfriend is getting, let's just say A LOT of money from the government for going to college this semester, and wants to buy me a new digital camera.
After (some) online research and reading Popular Photography magazine, I've come to the conclusion that the Canon Rebel XTI is the best choice (for under $1,000). I plan on getting a kid that includes a 18mm-75mm and 75mm-300mm lenses, polarizing filter, and remote shutter release.

Doe anyone think there's a better DSLR out there for this kind of money, or if I should get different/more accessories (I already have a nice tripod and use a flash less than 1% of the time so I'll wait to get a flash)?
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Slowly adding photos from walking around Buffalo with :iconfragilemidnight:
Oh the beautiful abandoned places she knows about!
Unfortunately the trip was cut short when my tripod fell over and my camera landed on the lens! OUCH!
We were sure it was broken, it wouldn't move (which means when I shut it off it would stay put, it wouldn't zoom) and everything was blurry through it. I nearly cried, the lens was crooked and off center.
I remembered something that great technicians like Spike from Cowboy Bebop taught me: if something electronic does not work right, use force.
So, I kinda just... pushed the lens back into place.
Then it was clear but would not zoom or close still. Oh well, it works, right?
So my girlfriend took a look at it, unfortunately after we had gotten back home so I couldn't just keep taking pictures, twisted the lens slightly and it closed itself back up and works fine now. The lens does make a bit of an angry noise, but as long as it lasts a little longer it's ok.
Oh, by a little longer, I mean till my birthday in November at which time my girlfriend is going to use the money the great state of New York is sending her for going to college (about a thousand dollars more than she needs) to buy me ANY NEW CAMERA I WANT.
I definitely want a Digital SLR, does anyone have any suggestions?

So yeah, I have a ton of new abandoned photos I'll be uploading daily, allong with photos of a military helicopter (blackhawk) that landed at the local stadium, and more of the usual random walking around photos.
I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do! Thanks again everyone for your continued support, epically my big sis :iconnambroth: for pimping me out to your fans and getting me more views and photoloves.
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Went on a "photo walk" with a friend of mine, still working on the photos from that and uploading them.
Going on a trip to Buffalo with an awesome friend of mine in ~10 hours to photograph a few abandoned buildings she has been to. Very excited.

Most exciting: one of my favorite bands, Pinionist, has contacted me and will yet again be using my photography "skills" for his album artwork. I have just under 2 months now to get as many good shots as I can relating to a few words he sent me. Expect to see some interesting things!

So I'll update probably tomorrow or the next day about the abandoned building hunt in Buffalo, and thanks to everyone for your continued support!
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I want some input on a few things, so help me out people!

I'm planning on going to Ithica college in NY for their Photography&Videography  major (after freshman year I'd be concentrating on photography obviously).
Do you think that this would be a good step for me to take, or should I turn back now and save my money by getting a job at a zoo or something? Does anyone out there other than close friends and my girlfriend think that I'd be able to make it as a professional photographer? And if so, is college (and Ithica) the way to go, or should I...?
It dosn't help my confidence that my latest uploads seem like... kinda crap to me... and the only person who has bought prints from me are my best friend...

Also, I'm thinking about becoming my own business. Atleast in the sense of taxes.
1)idk if I want to keep calling it "" or what
2)idk if it would mean all that I think it would (being able to spend money on photography and write it off to the government so they can foot the expensive bill of a better camera, tripod that's not taped together, and a .com website to promote my art...)
3)if I do this, should I do it before or after this years taxes?

-prints are available of all my photos, varying sizes and materials, for super-cheap (like around $10, depending on size/material)
-website is being slowly updated and fucked-with
-please help me out, I really need confidence right now... and money because I have to quit my job before it engulfs my soul... and a body-part...
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went on a "photoshoot" to a warehouse down the street and over the bridge from my house with my best friend (/son of the owner of the place)
I plan on going back when his mom goes out of town for long enough (she has issues with anyone being back there, including him) so I can get better pics (the sun went down a half hour after we got there)

21 photos, prints available for all.
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hate the side-ads more than ever becuase it kind fucks with the imagery a bit (click the arrow to make them hide and fix the imagery) but v2 is now up and ready for you all.…

Prints of all my works are available!

if you want me to link to your DAgallery, contact me and I'll hook you up!
I re-vamped and added to my Live NIN photos I took at the 6_27_06 Cleveland show.


LIVE 10…
LIVE 11…
LIVE 12…

...we will never die...beside you in time...
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I've kinda been lazy lately...
so, major uploading today!

ALSO!!!!!! O.O
Experiment using my digital camera, I have a 5-photo series. Only thing done with my computer for experiment:1 is changing the original greenish background color to a blue and adding the thin outline. The other 4 have been manipulated more.
Anyone who can guess the specifics of what this is a photo of gets a free print (your choice of one of my works, and I mean specific specifics because I'm cheap :p)
Easiest/best one to guess from:
the rest of them:


also, website is up. working on v.2 right now

prints of any of my works are always for sale

I may be getting a new camera soon
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after putting up my "[WITH_TEETH] wall" in my room, I asked my girlfriend what she thought (if the way I laid it out looked ok) and all she said was "'re obsessed"
So, I wanted to prove to the e-world that I am not obsessed with Nine Inch Nails.

...not at all...

my WT wall (well, top of it)…
magazine stuff allong the top with WT-era stickers, WT poster and framed stuff from Cleveland show (lithograph, official photo print from Rob Sheridan, The Spiral exclusive pretty ticket and little advert thing I found laying around after the show with NIN logo, date& place)

bottom portion of my WT wall…
more magazine stuff (live photos), 2 two-page WT magazine ads, and my photo from the Cleveland show in between the ads. also, lappy with 2 NIN stickers on the cover

NIN poster wall 1…
part of my The Spiral poster of WT lyrics (huge-ass posterrrrrr, too big to put on WT wall), The Downward Spiral re-release poster, 2 And All That Could Have Been promo posters, Trent poster

NIN poster wall 2…
Things Falling Apart flat (below that will soon be a The Fragile flat), The Fragile artwork poster, WT lyrics poster, and 3 stickers allong the bottom (glowing NIN sticker, The Perfect Drug sticker, filmstrip sticker)

My NIN shirts…
full-view of my (now 12) NIN shirts (not shown-NIN hoodie)

individual pics…
The Downward Spiral, Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral…
filmstrip, sublimation, SIN…
summer tour dates, winter tour dates, green DNA…
winter tour end screen logo, gray The Spiral exclusive DNA, With Teeth

not pictured:
halos 2-21, 25 pins, 3 patches, 1 sticker, WT tour book, photo book

like I said, I'm not obsessed with Nine Inch Nails.
[/pointless journal entry]

sucks about the ads on the side, but you can easilly click and make them shrink away.
it's free, and I like the way I can set stuff up.
Untill I start making money or see enough of an intrest in my work to spend even more money and pay for a site, this'll be it.

also, I've made a few new banners to go with the layout of the site.


Ask and yee shall recieve:

from photograph "broken"…

from photograph "one man's trash 7"…

from photograph "hanging from the wires"…

from the photograph "contained"…

from the photograph "spiraling"…

[for the time being, please link back to my gallery]
[taken from my fav pics from my top 24 fav'd photos. if you have any suggestions for banners, let me know]

temporary website coming soon
Soon (like probably this coming week) I will be offering prints of all of my work through a trusted print site. I was thinking ab out getting a DevArt print account, but the base prices are just too high.
I don't think DeviantArt deserves to make all that money off MY work.
The site I'm going to use is much less expensive and offers a large array of print options.

So if there are any of my shots that you'd like a print of, or are thinking about maybe wanting a print of, send me a note so I can get ahold of you as soon as things are final.

I'll update this journal entry once prints are available.

Thank you all for your support and kind words.

I'm still waiting for my visa debit card to come in the mail so I can order the prints, but I am NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS (as long as you realize I won't be able to place them till the bank gets their collective ass in gear)
E-MAIL me with the following information:

~title of photograph

best quality is under 12x12
ok quality is under 16x24
CAN go upto 30x40, but I can't say how the quality will be past 16x24...

(set of 4 or 8 wallet available in any of the above 3)
mug (black or white, 11 or 15 oz)
mouse pad
apron(hey, just wanna list all options...)
tote bag
magnet (2.5x3.5 or 3x5)
tshirt (youth small to adult XXL)
coasters (set of four, 4inches)
luggage tag
key tag
tile murial (six 4inch tiles)
tile (6inch)
lisence plate
various ornaments

I'm not positive on what I'm going to set my prices at yet, but it will be much cheaper than DeviantArt prints.

I'm also going to be putting together a quick little website to make all this stuff easier (gallery, complete listing of available products, etc) when I actually get time at home to set it all up.

Also, if any of you out there like my stuff and wanna give me a hand by advertizing on your website/blog/anything like that, e-mail me.

my e-mail should be linked to in my info, but here it is anyhow:


Got my debit card today, have to call and activate it but I can now officially begin taking orders.
When I get home from work tonight I'm going to make a cheap temporary website for print ordering information.

Things are moving allong slowly.
Pics are up from the Cleveland OH NIN show
videos can be found at my YouTube:…

made a blog/site for my art
check it out and add it if you have a MySpace
hard drive corrupted tonight when my laptop went to hybernate
lost all of my art, all of my raw photos, all of my new photos not uploaded to my gallery
lost everything.

:slamhead: :raincloud:
Forgot to mention beforehand, went to the Nine Inch Nails show in Erie PA on March 7th.
It kicked much the ass.

if you were there, maybe you saw me. I was that girl that HELD TRENT'S HAND for the durration of his "crowd visiting" time durring Piggy.
Also, a member of The Spiral: the_wretched

Got my ticket yesterday for the NIN show in Cleveland, OH on 7_27
Taking my digicam, and prob buying another large card for it so I can get a lot of pics and maybe even some video.