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Earthbound changes: A Lucas Transformation by TenkoGuren Earthbound changes: A Lucas Transformation by TenkoGuren

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Commission for WadeArlen:

Human (OC) to Lucas from Earthbound. 2nd Person PoV.

Was interesting to write something mainly sfw and which was a character tf including deaging. Never did deaging before and never did (or commissioned) any kind of TF into a young adult.
Think it came out good anway :3


Earthbound changes – A Lucas Transformation


It all began with your daily e-mail checking. It appears your frequent applications as a beta tester for the gaming company that you love finally met with some success – your first invite to an exclusive beta! Eagerly you click on the button that will forward you to the website for the beta. However, instead of the usual process of a new window or tab opening up with your preferred browser, the laptop’s screen suddenly fizzles a bit before going black. Believing the worst, you utter a few curses. You were really looking forward to binging that new game! While you generally were bit lazy, there was nothing that got your blood pumping as much as gaming did. Before you can utter a curse at the apparent virus-infected fake e-mail, the screen switches back on and the system reboots itself. Instead of your usual starting screen, you are met with a bright white one, which grows brighter and brighter with every passing moment. Shielding your eyes from the light you begin to feel something pulling and squeezing you and before you know it the sensation stops. You put your arms down and reopen your eyes. The sight that greats you makes you think that apparently your laptop malfunctioned somehow and knocked you out or something like that. ,There is no other explanation for what you are seeing. You are standing in what appears to a room in some sort of house, as there are stairs you can see through a door. Maybe it is a farmhouse? The decoration you generally associate with an house like that, including the fact that it appears to be have been built with wood, lends belief to that idea. It also has a rustic kind of feel to it.  

The next thing that catches your attention is a full-body length mirror, which is attached to one of the walls of the room you are currently occupying. Looking into it, you notice that, for some reason – this is a crazy dream after all right? – you are naked. But not only that. When you take a closer look, you begin to notice, that you are a bit smaller than you are used to being. And… it appears you are shrinking further, bit by bit. Furthermore your features are steadily growing softer, losing their mature and adult looks. Defined cheeks grow rounder and younger and the few tiny creases you had in your face slowly fade away. As your face de-ages, your skin-color also begins to shift. As if someone had decided to dip you into whitener, your originally brown skin slowly turns lighter and lighter until it ends up as what one would usual would associate with “white”, even though any artists would disagree and rather refer to it as “skin-colored” or something along those lines. The changes do not stop there however. As had your skin, your normally short black hair begins to brighten as if someone had flipped a switch, going from your originally pitch black to a golden blond like the sun. But it isn’t your usual style, you wonder if your brother Claus can help you set it straight? Wait… Claus? Who the hell is Claus?

Whatever is happening, it is starting to creep you out. Before you can panic, a wave of calm hits you though and you once again calmly reassure yourself, that you’ll just have to visit your brother and his outgoing way will be able to explain whatever it is, that is making you feeling so off. Together you’ll get to the bottom of this, definitely!

As you look on, the changes progress, your once 5’7 tall frame going down to just above five feet and your slight overweight decreasing just like your height did, leaving you at a solid 120 pounds, perfectly normal for a healthy 12 year old. Because that is what you are right? You’re Lucas, a 12 year old boy. Or was that Canan? It didn’t matter, your brother will help you sort it out! You’re pretty sure he has been sent to this place just like you have been, you’ll just have to find him. While that meant you had to leave the house and go out into the wilderness – you would prefer not to, all one your own, as you are a bit shy. At least that is, what you are feeling now. Just a bit earlier the thought of going out would not have flummoxed you so much, except for the work involved with the activity. Now though….?

Everything that was happening to you seemed so totally strange and you idly run your hands down your young body, feeling all the undeveloped curves and muscles, that just a few minutes earlier had been fully matured ones. You also notice, that your genitals have also grown a lot smaller, almost tiny in their size. You curiously give them a slight feel, but no twitch, no indication of any kind of hormones that you have come to expect. You are totally back to being prepubescent. Watching yourself in the mirror, you once again ponder what all of this meant. The two personalities you now have, how you got here, why you had changed? Looking back at you in the mirror, your see a young boy, where once had stood a 20 year old man. Grinning slightly, you give yourself a slap on the stomach, settling your thoughts for the moment and start wandering the house, searching for some clothes to put on.

As if it had been arranged previously, you quickly discover a closet, where you find a red and yellow-striped t-shirt, some blue short pants and a pair of red and white sneakers. As well as some underwear, of course. Putting them one, you return to the mirror and take another look at yourself. Whatever had happened, you felt more like yourself now, as Lucas and you liked that feeling. Whistling a happy tune you leave the house, looking for Claus, hoping to figure all of this out.

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April 16, 2018
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