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I used Photoshop to color this, the sick thing is that the picture was over 100 layers :P

OOPS! I forgot to give credit.
The original artist for Flora is Tom Fischbach


And his comic Twokinds


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såg just att du va svensk. kul :)
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Japp svenne all tha way ^^
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lol naughty kitty :3
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I love the thing that's doing something!
It's excellent!
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give the credit to tom, he is my hero
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aw cute. spiffy shawdow... i like the overall profesional look
tiger strips all teh way
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no, just a little obsessive

edward had like... 200 layers? something like that
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100 layers? psh thats nothing try almost 450 before coloring

nice coloring job, its got a nice soft tone, i like it alot
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Why would someone need that many layers? the most i've used to color a peice was three or four.
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i agree, too much to handle. i had some problems with 100 layers
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Wow. I think the most layers I've had was maybe 25, but then again I'm a terrible artist, so I dunno if it was just laziness or bad talent, or maybe both, or maybe I'm just really totally awesome and I can acomplish a picture with a minimum amout of layers.

I doubt the latter.

It's a great picture though. I love the feathers in her mouth :D
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Over 100 layers??? :O Hmmm... How did you manage that? xD

Nonetheless it's a pretty picture, a nice pose, and I like the puzzled look on her face :aww:
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Thats so cute, i like the colouring.
100 layers? dude....woah
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