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Hi, so I'm not opening my inbox just yet, but instead I wanted to type out my ideas for something. I reeeally don't like to put my ideas out there and just prefer to put out the finished project, BUT I keep on finding that I'll run into a project that's sooo similar to my own-- whether it's characters, plot, setting, yadda, that either someone accuses me of copying their shit or I start to think, "Oh gdi, they're going to accuse me of copying their shit. Screw it, I'm scrapping the whole idea". And then nothing gets anywhere. I'm already seeing it happen again, so I'm just going to get to typing right here where you can't edit comments on dA. I just don't want any shit. So here we go.

So this is... only one of my ideas, but it' the one I'm working on so frequently right now because I plan to do this, get it out there, and doing my hustle as fast as possible without compromising quality. And what I'm doing is just making these cute little witch "trading" cards-- they're just cards with the witches on the front and a bio and such on the back. I love love love these designs and characters so far and might make more, but so far I have my set. I'll upload them here one day. So I plan to take those to artist's alleys-- which might be hard as an original work, but I'm going to work my ass off which is exactly why I feel I need to type this and make sure nothing goes wrong. Proof that I'm not nabbing someone's ideas, characters-- whatever before some accuses me of doing so.

SO in addition to the cards, I wanted to put these characters in a little game. I reeeally don't want to explain the game/give it away, but here we go-- very loose and sloppy explanation coming up. So there's this magic university and there's an advanced class and a standard plus class (it's a pretty good school, just to get in is pretty great).

So you're playing as a witch who is making an attempt to get into the advanced class. The students don't switch around and only the teachers switch from class to class. So the teachers decided to let the advanced students "decide" which students get to be in the advanced class (the teachers still have a say) since they're the ones who will be stuck with that student and will have to collaborate with them; they should also be advanced enough not to be biased and be able to tell who is also advanced. If there's too much bias, the teachers will step in unless the class can convince them that something that was done wasn't fit for advanced class. For example, if you kill the bunny, they will probably convince the teacher not to let you in, but if you just let the bunny be and didn't interact with it at all, some might protest, but the teacher will probably just dismiss them (unless you get way too many of those mundane protests).

Anyway, in order to test readiness for the advanced class, each advanced student has prepared a teacher-approved challenge the player must complete. If they pass all the challenges then they get in, if not, then nah. BUT the pass/fail criteria is a little more complicated than that. I won't go into this too much, but just as an example, let's say you passed blah blah's challenge but made them feel awful about their existence in the process, then they might actually give you a "half pass" (they'll say you passed but in coding it's only like one point as opposed to two or something), and their one friend in the class might hear about it and decide against you joining the class. And that probably won't have you automatically not get into the advanced class, but if you keep doing things like that, then those points will add up against you, and you probably won't get in. Things like that.

Right? Okay. So besides the game-- maybe even multiple games-- I did want to draw comics and such for these folks. ( Already have but those are secret. lol ) By the way, this is in the same universe as Pages and Pathways.

I did want to throw these characters down really quick, because honestly that's often where I run into trouble the most. "Oh gosh, my character looks/is too much like x's character. :C Scrapping the whole project. Forget it." Not this time. Might get in trouble with how they look though since I'm not uploading those yet, but whatever. I'll do it eventually. They're all drawn out-- I have sooo many things drawn out not just for this project; I'm just too busy/lazy to scan them and the sketchbooks they're in are kinda difficult to scan. I don't want to bother. 

Anyway, some of these are actually kinda a work in progress when it comes to who they are, what they want, what they're like, and so on. Some things might change. Also, I'm leaving out some of the bio bits just because they're so... temporary for some but set in stone for others.

ALSO, "Witch Themes". Once witches reach a certain level in their studies, they're allowed to choose a theme (usually related to something they like). Instead of wearing the usual black school robes/uniforms, they'll receive a uniform specially tailored to their theme. This is an attempt to encourage students to advanced further and not just stop as soon as they know what the basics. Many witches look back on their themes with embarrassment-- but one can appeal to change their theme if they really want to. One more thing before these bios. They're at Pargaem Academy... like Party Game, so you might see a running theme of things you might see at a party. I did plan to make other witch games of other locations-- maybe even Magise (Pages and Pathways). I'll see.

Right, so here we are-- some ages are pending by the way:

Witch Theme: Petal
Name: Saryl
Age: 17
-Magic Focus: Plant growth
-Magical Strength: Magical plant use
-Description: Saryl the Petal Witch has a big, admirable dream to show the world that plants can be used for so much more than what they're known for and another to own a whole field of all her favorite flowers. As wonderful as this sweet girl's dream may be, she fails to take the proper steps to make her dreams a reality and just flies around admiring the nature around her.
Challenge: Find a particular flower in the fields

Witch Theme: Blueberry
Name: Mirana
Age: 16
-Magic Focus: Magical bakes
-Magical Strength: Mind Reading
-Description: Baking is Mirana the Blueberry Witch's strength and love; adding magic to her bakes is a whole other journey. After all, what type of magic would one want to experience in a slice of pie other than a wonderfully delicious taste? She's passionate about her bakes and ideas nonetheless and really isn't interested in hearing any other thoughts on the matter.
Challenge: Bake a pie based on what a customer wants
-Note: She kinda seems like a gossiping housewife, but actually, she'll drop a conversation in a heartbeat if it starts to get into other people's personal lives. She's not down for that. It was hard to put that in the description; gotta see it in action.

Witch Theme: Birthday
Name: Amoretta
Age: 18
-Magic Focus: Luck spells
-Magical Strength: Fire spells
-Description: Sometimes you need a lit candle to light the other candles around you, and Amoretta the Birthday Witch lives by that. From good luck spells to squeezing out what's on one's mind, Amoretta makes it her business to make the world smile little by little. Then again, not everyone wants to smile all the time.
Challenge: Go get a cake and balloons for a party
-Note: She's aiming to be a counselor and is considering changing her magic focus to telepathy, mind reading, whatever the heck.

Witch Theme: Black Licorice
Name: Oreene
Age: 16
-Magic Focus: Healing Spells
-Magical Strength: None
-Relations: Maste the Frosting Witch is her big brother.
-Description: There isn't much that Oreene the Black Licorice Witch is good at. Now that she's no longer following the lead of her older brother, Maste the Frosting Witch, Oreene's starting out new on a path of casting healing spells. It's never too late to pursue her newfound dream of becoming a medical potion maker.
Challenge: Find a cure/potion for whatever illness/ailment one might have

Witch Theme: Frosting
Name: Maste
Age: 18
-Magic Focus: Curses
-Magical Strength: Various
-Relations: Oreene the Black Licorice Witch is his little sister.
-Description: With a small tub of frosting usually at the crook of his arm, one might be surprised to discover that Maste the Frosting Witch isn't as sweet as his tooth. Most other witches find him to be unapproachable and avoid him for many reasons. Since he casts spells with ease, he motivated himself to pursue a more difficult and risky magic focus which isn't often explored by other students: curses.
Challenge: Choose a person and curse them

Witch Theme: Travel
Name: Xyle
Age: 19
-Magic Focus: Summoning
-Magical Strength: Flying
-Description: Xyle the Travel Witch is nervous about interacting with others and is often avoided because of their mysterious nature. This would be great for someone who enjoys being alone, but Xyle loves company. In an attempt to change their situation, Xyle travels to find as many summoned beings as possible that will keep them company or maybe even befriend them.
Challenge: Talk to them. Yeah.

Witch Theme: Bunny
Name: Faunda
Age: 15
-Magic Focus: Entertainment magic
-Magical Strength: Shape-shifting
-Description: Wherever there's fun is wherever Faunda the Bunny Witch will go. Whenever the fun is being sucked away is when she will leave. Faunda just wants the world to be entertained with constantly changing styles and shows. Even she doesn't tend to stay the same as she's often shape-shifting from one form to another.
Challenge: Bunny-sit her bunny
-Note: No one knows what her true form is-- I mean, there are two forms she usually uses, but it's not known which out of the two is her original form.

Witch Theme: Bass
Name: Trebeline
Age: 20
-Magic Focus: Bard type enhancement spells
-Magical Strength: Enchantment spells (like animation of inanimate objects)
-Description: Being a little dopey and a bit of a pushover, Trebline the Bass Witch often finds herself in some sticky situations. Finding that just playing the bass would calm her down whenever those situations really got to her, Trebeline decided to explore magic through music which could help her and others through whichever moods they might want to be in or overcome.
Challenge: Listen to her play certain songs and she wants your opinion on them.
-Note: Mah girl here messed up. She made her magic focus "Enchantment" when she meant "Enhancement" and she was too scared/embarrassed to say anything. So now she's finally focusing on what she wanted to do, and at least her unwanted skills in enchantment spells has landed her a seat in the advanced class.

Witch Theme: Dice
Name: Jole
Age: 15?
-Magic Focus: Illusion spells
-Magical Strength: Luck spells
-Description: Sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on when Jole the Dice Witch is around. This witch loves to play games, but he also loves to work with illusion magic. When most see him in class, he'll use his illusion magic to entertain, but he keeps his magic use outside of class a mystery. Actually, quite a few things about Jole can only be answered with a huge question mark...
Challenge: Pretty much a board game... all by yourself.
-Note: Jole just likes to mess with people's minds. lol

Witch Theme: Generiwitch/Generic
Name: Lyley
Age: 17
-Magic Focus: Magic candy making
-Magical Strength: Entertainment or fun-type magic boost
-Note: So this is the player character. Lyley has a description, but I'm afraid to put it down since the player character is technically supposed to be you? But not really... Like Lyley is their own person, out of the game, but in the game it's you... ish? Also, in the cards, they technically represent any witch who isn't in the advanced class. I'll hold off on it for now.

I swear there's at least a little more to these characters than just this, and they really are a fun batch of characters. Oh my gosh! But I don't want to give away too much and like I typed before some things are still kinda being worked on (though it's really just me debating on petty things or imagining/drawing out how certain things would work out). So I guess that's all I want to type for now? The game might not be done for a long while, but the cards should be done hopefully soon. I wanted them done by February 17th, but another project came up which needs to be finished first, and it's taking me a lot more time than I thought it would. That and I'm working on cosplays at the moment.;; After Anime Los Angeles, I should be able to make more progress. I really love this project, to be honest, and so I really hope everything goes well.

And to think this actually all started with Waluigi...
I might as well just explain that. So, I was joking around and told a friend I should have a table at a con that's just all Waluigi. Who wouldn't want to buy from a table that's just all friggen Waluigi? Like, it's so... wtf that you just gotta buy something. So I seriously went home and got to doodling some things I'd sell at my Waluigi table, which I was going to call, "Purple Plumber Productions" or something like that. Like the whole thing was that I was working on the title, one which didn't actually use "Waluigi" but was clearly a Waluigi table name. Then I stopped and thought, " Wait... I'm spending all this time trying to pick a name that won't get me sued but... the whole table can get me sued...!" If Nintendo came over to my table, they could shut the WHOLE able down as opposed to just taking down whatever they owned and not being able to do anything about the stuff I was selling that they didn't own rights to.
Then I thought, "Why would I put myself through that? Wait, you know what, why spend that much time and effort on Waluigi when I could spend that much time, effort, and a lot more love (I mean I LOVE Waluigi in a 'he's me' way, but there's a certain fondness when it comes to your own babies)  on an original idea. That way, no one can come and shut me down-- it's just all my stuff." And then I got to work, because I had been drawing witch designs already-- always have been, and then I just started designing them to be sellable. And the thing is, though they're "made to be marketed", there's still a looot of love in these characters. Like, sell or no sell, I love these cuties. So to me, I've already "won".
So thanks, Waluigi.
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happy birthday~
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Hey! Thank you so much! :'D
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Happy Early Birthday!
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how are you?
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Super late, but I'm doing okay! How about you? :'DD
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