Bioshock2 - Eleanor Lamb (26/4)

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11036528 10153234578512769 2653387664677377942 N-1 by TENinaniaLight testing photos (YAY My sandals :d)

YAYYY I forgot to take selfie with Subject Delta !

This costume wasn't take a long time for me to finish,

as I'm based on my friend's costume to do the editing,

colouring, making some new props and adding details :3

My photographer Jackal helped me a lots on recolouring the suit YAY
11186266 10153235769557769 1893921844 N by TENinania

Working Processing: 
lots of Eva plastic 
11199005 10153235767872769 997787306 N by TENinania

The paint i used mostly were acrylic paint, it will dry in a very short time so i like it more than others paint :>

11099714 10153235767837769 525409798 N by TENinania 11137005 10153235767867769 159443254 N by TENinania

Outcome : 
11178565 10153235767782769 38034699 N by TENinania 11185640 10153235767787769 1767732707 N by TENinania
11198917 10153235767762769 1268199173 N by TENinania

11185694 10153235769672769 824690593 N by TENinania

 Dsc7110 by TENinania

Special thanks to Cheesy!! QWQ!!

Me as Eleanor Lamb
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If you love my cosplay, you can see more from my WorldCosplay account. 
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Yiannis as Subject Delta

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Photo by 撮影バカ
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this is fantastic well done. big thumbs up!
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thank you :3 kawaii eggplant emoji [F2U] kawaii eggplant emoji [F2U]