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Space 1999: Eagles 1999

By Tenement01
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Sets the pulse racing. What majestic vessels. I've loved the Eagle since I was a kid in the seventies - and my uncle worked for Gerry Anderson and snuck me in to see the practical sets for the cockpit, module and Moonbase Alpha one weekend while most of the administration staff were away - and no, they were not filming. An unforgettable experience as I can say to this day that I have been to Moonbase Alpha.
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I don't know if you're a member of the Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/space1…  but they'd love to hear and it's one of the most active 1999 online groups.
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Sadly no, as Facebook believes my name to be fake and won't allow me to create an account. Their customer service department has never bothered to contact me despite their having my phone number and enough identification from me to fake my identity.
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Amazing view. Is it possible to view the color details on the (blue) passenger modules visible on the left? I would like to base the painting scheme of the mpc model I am building to be based off it!!
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That will be the Harlington Straker and Airforce One pods.   Harlington Straker Eagle Transporter by Tenement01    Space 1999:  Escort for a President by Tenement01
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great line up
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