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Currently doodling daily and always looking for things to draw. So if you got ideas or requests just send them my way ;)

also sometimes streaming over at https://picarto.tv/TenebrisNoctus

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Snoopy7c7Hobbyist Artist

Hi I'm Snoopy7c7 and I recently come across your art and really think it looks great! I'd like to offer you an art role for my audio drama, it tells the tale of the reunion of Princess Celestia and her long lost love Mirror King Sombra. If you wanna know more or are interested, let me know so we could chat!

Could you make artwork of Queen Novo as a hippogriff cruel ed up in a ball sleeping?

There is a idea based off the American Stock Market.

Could you make a drawing of seapony Silverstream with a worried look on her face with the imagine or the ouline or shadow of a giant black bear fighting a giant bull? or The outline of the bear growling at her while behind her?

The idea would be based off the humans talking about the fear of the giant Bear coming to devour their stock portfolios even though she has no idea that the Bear is not a real animal.

Or Oceanflow the seapony eating a slice of pumpkin pie.

Could you make artwork of the seaponies Queen Novo and Oceanflow in your style?

JewelBandiBunHobbyist General Artist
Can you do Alicorn Twilight Sparkle with Princess Cadance hugging each other?

Can you make a picture of Twilight juggling Apples using her magic in front of her girlfriend Applejack and the other mane 6 members please

JewelBandiBunHobbyist General Artist
Can you do Cheese Sandwich proposing to Pinkie Pie with a ring that's on a cupcake?

It seems like a cute idea, don't you think?

ah, the one ship that was acually made canon :D , sure thing but expect to wait like a week or two for it, since imcurrently participating in the Eqd's artits training ground, wich goes on for another 10 days