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Double Dragon

By TenderSman
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Double Dragon!

This pic aims to do 3 things: Reference the silly storyline of the original arcade game where Marian is the twins' common girlfriend. Acknowledge some of the Western covers and advertizing for the game and its early ports which depicted Billy Lee and Jimmy as angry beer drunks and/or red necks (mullets included). And finally, the game is supposed to be set in a post-apocalyptic world, but it doesn't look like it as you play it.

The pic was made with pencils and colored in Photoshop 7. Backgrounds are a mix of direct coloring (skies and vegetation) and vector graphics (everything else).

But I ran into problem when I started shading the characters, it looked off and it wasn't something I could correct with just playing with hue or level settings. So I started over and used a simpler form of coloring and changed the light source. That explains the discrepancy between the background (if you look carefully, it's more like early afternoon, despite the color balance which had been altered later) and the characters (low sun, close to sunset).
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double stuffed 
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I always hated that she had tha 2 brothers fight each other and this was my 1st example of 2 act5ual brothers literally fighting each other over a woman and it kills me everytime I see it!
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I could not agree more,she was the ultimate ho.
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That's love:-? (Confused) That's a crowdhmm 
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More like Double Team Dragon,lol. It is a nice pic and it is good that Billy and Jimmy do not have to fight each other to win her.
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A better ending than the game lol
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hahaha lol double
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Marian, one of the first real bitches in videogames. She put the two brothers to fight for her at the end!!!
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Marian is such a pimp lol
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LOL! "Brothers Share Everything" --- Cool piece!
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I smell a threesome comin' on.
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You mean "cummin' on?" LOL!
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Billy n Jimmy freakin on Marian!

Fucking pimpin motherfucker!
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Man I wish I could buy a print of this.
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It could probably be arranged. :)
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Obviously, I would be willing to pay for it, just let me know.
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one dragon from the front, other dragon from the back...
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Hehe, "Double Dragon". Talk about your innuendos...
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