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Kiba looked up and growled at the female standing just a small space from him. _______ retorted with a growl favoring a jaguar. Sasuke against Naruto. Sakura and Ino. They all seemed to hold their breath waiting for the counter part to move when Sasuke shifted his gaze to _______. A snarl broke the silence and still as she lurched forwards on her feet and collided with Kiba. The sounds of battle quickly filled the clearing as the threw kunai or used jutsu on each other. _____ on the other hand had managed to get Kiba to give in to a more animalistic side. His teeth sank into her arm as she clawed at his skin. The tossing and tumbling duo didn't notice the other sounds of pain or grunting from their team mates. With a clever push she had shoved the man away and smirked before taking off.
"The hell? Come back here!" He yelled running after her.
She stopped leaning over in the lake to wipe off her arm.
"Damn, this hurts." she growled looking where his canine's had bit into her skin,
"Course it does sweetness." the growl came from behind her.
She flipped forwards onto the water and ran across putting distance between her and Kiba, now laying on the ground from a kick to the face. He stood and looked at the woman now in the center of the pond, daring him to take a step. He did more than that, he was not seven feet from her. She smiled and tossed her h/c hair over her shoulder. _______ cautiously took a step to her left, he mimicked. It was only a matter of time before they were close to each other again, this time though she was going to make sure he couldn't use his mouth. Without warning she dropped close to the water, and swung her leg out knocking him off balance. He didn't fall through the water, much to her disappointment. The fight escalated as they fought. Kiba had her pinned on the water's surface.
"Now what are you going to do Kitten?" he taunted in her ear.
She smirked and took a breath, the chakra keeping her above water dissolved like smoke in the wind. Her body quickly fell through the water, encasing her in a type of safety away from his harsh grip. Her nimble body swept in the quick current. Her hand shot out and grabbed his ankle. This dragged his leg under with her. As he glanced back he knew she had no plans of resurfacing anytime soon. She felt his muscles coil under her in memorization as he used his arms to lift him. ______'s shocked looked when he pulled his leg and her out of the water. He turned back to smirk, his canine sticking out touching his bottom lip. Her eyes widened as she was flipped out of the water. She quickly landed on the water and leaped for him. They tossed and turned until he decided to snap his jaws on air, near her side.
"Oh no you don't." She growled shifting to pin him under her.
He only snarled at the woman. His body pressed against her own and the water. The sharp black eyes flicked up to her e/c eyes. Kiba only seemed annoyed at her amused glance.
"Oh don't look at me like that." she giggled at his "death" glare.
His glare didn't change save for getting worse. ______ only rolled her eyes and lightly licked his nose. His body stiffened then a goofy grin graced his face.
"Ya missed Kitten." he grinned.
She pressed her lips fully on his, loving how he pulled her close. One hand curling in her hair, the other caressing her side. She simply sighed into the kiss. Then his hand accidentally brushed over the nasty bite he'd given her earlier. She flinched causing the kiss to break.  
"What's wr- oh. Sorry heh I get carried away." he shyly laughed.
_______ opened her mouth to speak but wasn't heard over Naruto yelling.
"KIBA, _____!" the loud blond called out to them.
She sighed and got off of him and helped her boyfriend up. Sakura smiled as she glanced at the two. Kiba picked up his woman like a small bride despite her shouts and protest, then shot forwards to get to the others. Sasuke shook his head and looked at Naruto lightly punching him for something he'd said. Kakashi was reading his book as always.
"It was quite the show you two put on. Who knew you guys could be so mean to each other." Ino commented, commented smiling.
"We're not mean to each other." ______ laughed, looking at the tan man who now seemed awkwardly distant, talking to the "guys" as he named the male part of the group.
"Just do it." Sasuke commented, crossing his arms.
"It's not THAT easy." Kiba growled, looking down at his feet.
"C'mon it's just one little stupid thing and you're done." Naruto joined in.
"Yea right, lets see you ask your crush that." the messy brown haired man growled.
The bickering caused the silver haired copy nin to look up.
"Kiba, do you love _____?" he asked.
"Of course, more than anything." he didn't hesitate to answer.
"And she loves you, right."
"I don't know why but yes." he answered.
"Then take a deep breath and ask." was all Kakashi offered before going back to his book.
He took the man's advice and turned to _______.
"Um, ______?" he asked causing her to turn.
"Yes, Kiba?" she asked observing his uneasiness.
"I…we've been together for (# of years) and I am a handful almost as much as Naruto, but you still decided to stay with me. You are much more than I could ever, ever ask for. I…I don't want to be alone in the mornings because you're not there. I want to protect you from anything that would even DARE to breath in the wrong direction around you. I guess what I'm asking is… ___________ __________ (full name) would you…um marry me?" he asked falling to one knee and revealing a beautiful ring, laying in satin.
Her hands flew to her mouth as she collapsed in front of him.
"Y-yes, yes oh god yes!" she laughed through happy tears.
He let a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. He slipped it on her ring finger and she smothered him with kisses. He laughed and held her close.
_________ Inuzuka…sounded just right.
Then all hell breaks loose.

A reader insert?! with KIBA FROM NARUTO?! whaaaaa? idk i got bored and took a break from some other somethings i've been doing and this appeared in my head so tada! might continue might not all depends yada yada

you belong to Kiba
Kiba belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

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H/c means hair color and e/c means eye color so basically its your hair and eye color
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