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Love your artstyle :)

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Good morning friend, Very Awesome!!!.

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Just perfect! :heart:

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Zitti e Buoni :D

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much talent :D just gorgeous

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Total man crush on this guy, great work

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I may be a guy, but I know a heart-throb when I see one. Lock up your daughters (if they'll let you)!

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Very beautiful hair!

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I have no idea who this is but dang, they're gorgeous!

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Marvelous style.

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So proud of being Italian! Wonderful work! You nailed it perfectly, it's him :)
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Your drawing style is very characteristic and I love it! :clap:

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Hell yeah!!! :dummy:

I've watched the Eurovision song contest and since am big fan of Måneskin!! :love::headbang:

Great drawing! :worship:

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Great artwork :)

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Oh heck yeah some Måneskin appreciation :la:- they were amazing this saturday night and definitely deserved to win :la: Great portrait of him btw ^V^ keep up the good work :hug: <3

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