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Owl City

A speed painting for you!
Enjoy Owl City!
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haha yes owl city the man the myth the legend of zelda

i enjoy this painting very much in fact it is strikingly similar to the actual owl city man whose name i forget i did actually believe him to be bo burnham but upon seeing my netflix watch list i can conclude this is NOT bo burnham

thanks :')
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he's looks ADAMazingly OWLsome... 
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*my mind* one half:why..........why?......WHY ME? other half: YEEESSSS MOAR!

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ADDDDUUMMMM <3 HEHE this is awesome 

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can i ask what u used to do the coloring or blending of the color?
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How long did this take you? It's so awesome, words can't even describe it.
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Awesome and amazing! :D
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nice job! love it! OWL CITY <3
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As a huge Owl City fan, I love this. :faint:
And as an artist I love this too. XD I'd honestly never guess this was a speedpainting. It's an awesome piece!
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Really great job!
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THX! i really love your works! :)
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Thank you so much, you also have some great stuff.
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Amo owl city! c:
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Speed painting huh....:iconclappingplz::iconclapplz::iconclappingplz:
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questa qui stava su pittura digitale :)) bella!!
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