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Quantum Merc by Tenchi8 Quantum Merc :icontenchi8:Tenchi8 4 4
Ten Digit Countdown
Roses are red, violets are blue.
If I fall in love with you, 
Would you have fallen for me too? 
Admirers adorn you with immense praises, 
as your red wings folded and you perched your 
bare soles upon the glass pedestal. 
Your radiant smile was what captured my attention. 
The ten digits plastered before me was like a countdown of 
an uncertain resolution. 
Though you identified yourself as an angel fallen from grace,
A brief word of encouragement was all it took to enjoy your embrace.
Fire and water you have within your grasp. 
I bring to you a single element of wind, to stir them both. 
We seem to have in common, a balanced scale. One side, 
you descended from above, while on the other, I scaled the 
tower as a knight in battered armor. Forgive my lack of flow 
and ryming. My ordeal has left me at a lost of breath, or 
perhaps the sight of you had left me breathless.
I don't know why I spent so much time writing t
:icontenchi8:Tenchi8 6 10
Riddles of Folklore
I was captivated by your magical world. 
As if I had been invited to learn the depths 
of your soul. 
Perhaps, I am merely a visitor to you, among many. 
But I try my best to distinguish myself from the others.
Will I become a kindred spirit, or will I become the 
hero that awaken your long slumber? 
A school of fishes obscures me amidst the incoming traffic.
My only quality of action, stems from my sincerity of heart.
But it's not enough to cover the long distance of land and water, 
which we are separated from far ends of the earth. 
The only link, is the world you sculpted from the annals of historical 
influences. There you stood like a vixen with a thousand tails, that had marked 
the passage of your time. Between you stood one half with the power to absorb  
life force, the other, with the power to uphold your humanity. 
All I have is a bag of hope, which I carry around like a back pack. Where ever I 
:icontenchi8:Tenchi8 6 5
Homeworld Bound
Surrounded by zombie caterpillars, I look to the fleeting butterflies, 
as they landed on flowers beyond my reach.
Where they are, I cannot go. Where I stand, they cannot find me. 
There lies a monolith between us, with inscriptions that connects 
the wave lengths of our minds. Between us, lies a garden of worlds,
each bearing a testament of every existence imaginable.  
In the midst of every gateway, several butterflies caught my notice.
But alas, the horizontal ocean, obscures the undiscovered depths of 
things longed for. We all swam around, groping with utterance of emotion
and visions, hoping to one day discover our personal land over the horizon. 
:icontenchi8:Tenchi8 4 13
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The stare. 
The face we have in the morning when the alarm clock goes off. XD
Had a temporary offline thing. I don't even know what to call it. But my bedroom didn't have internet for some weird reason, but it's been finally taken care of somehow. Feeling mentally tired right now. Although I had a monster drink, but I still feel a bit out of it at the moment. 
Phew! Tactical epiphany worked allot better than I expected. Managed to kill three birds with a single stone. Hehe. Be Smart 
Got my message done, got the homework down to the last chapter which I have plenty of time to finish before it's due date, and got this concept drawing done. The key word that gave me an idea was from my comment when I said, "crack within the event..." something like that. It's a weird epiphany that I suddenly get, and I just ran off to do it somehow. Hard to explain, because it was one of those lateral thinking stuff, where what I do is unrelated, but it enables me to get all three task done within a created window of opportunity, just before it closes like a momentary portal. ^^

Take that "forces of opposition"! I won again. XD
For real, the things I have to do...anyway, I'm just glad that despite the odds, somehow, by the grace of God, I can still manage. I may not have it as good as most people, but as a fighter, I can somehow manage. KAIOKEN! { Gif Set }  
I just wish I had more time to practice drawing and coloring. 
For the time being, this is the best I could do for now. 

...what just happened? My computer went black and came back on? status post is still here. I better go ahead and hit the "Post Status" button while I still can. I think this "opposition force" is just suddenly being spiteful. Funny coincidence. But in anycase...(yeah opposition! I beat you! And what?!) 
man...anyway, gonna post this now. :) 
Quantum Merc
Quantum Merc

I was called for such a time as this.
When a force of resistance threatens the fabric of expressions,
a cry to exist and come alive, reached me through a friction 
of visual frequencies, etched within the symbols of familiarity.

The entity widely known as "the Curse of Devastation" is a shape-shifting 
agent, hellbent on destroying existing worlds. A demon that operates within 
the vessels of antagonists in every realm, which can only be identified by the perversion 
of the constructual nature of every world. I was tasked on an ongoing mission to pursue 
the formless agent, beyond time and space and destroy the works of it's devastation.

Equipped with weapons I am most familiar with, I venture the museum of boundless galleries,
and boundless possibilities. I have been empowered and equipped in accordance to the nature 
and challenges of each realm. Like a reader hopping from one storybook to another, or a gamer, 
controlling a heroic avatar, I initially became a Quantum Mercenary. 


Hope everyone enjoyed the visual and poetry. I was working on this concept art while listening to a Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, Soundtrack 
called, " OKB Zero" and it inspired me to create this visual with my anime version of myself, entering another dimension that has been tainted by 
the shape-shifting agent. This is a concept art based on my original light novel and graphic novel which I am still working on in "The Young Adventurer".

Fun Facts: When I was little, I used to draw my OC in different scenarios, where my character played the role of either a knight in shining armor, a soldier, 
an ace pilot, a detective, or any other heroic occupation. Eventually this inspired the idea that my character has the technology to travel from one dimension to 
another. :) (Smile) 

Oh here's the link to the soundtrack. It really does seem to go with this image. XD…  
Hi there. I hope everyone has been doing well. I took a brief moment to share some feedback on a few works here and there. I feel like my weeks keeps getting busier somehow, and it's starting to concern me that I may not get enough rest time to do anything else. Pray that that won't be the case. It's enough I barely have the time and energy to work on my own project. Too many setbacks kills the mood to finish a drawing after a long while. I'd like to be able to finish something while the inspiration and idea is still fresh in my mind. What to do...Discord Emoji - Thinking :thinking:  


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an artist aspiring to live up to my childhood dream of living "the great adventure." Growing up with media that pertains to action/adventure, I have been fascinated by the life style of the hero type persona who could make a difference even in the face of adversity.

I often express my fascinations through my drawings, and have learned to live that dream as a Christian seeking to inspire hope to others, through my experience and ordeals. I often draw, write, or even compose music which helps me to cope with every challenges I face.

One of my strongest gifts includes story making, and the sharing of visual interpretation with other artist.

Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock, various inspirations, Christian, & anime/movie soundtracks
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: Anime and Anthro(Furry)
Operating System: AOL
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Shell of choice: None
Wallpaper of choice: None
Skin of choice: None
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny,Spike Speigel from "Cowboy Bebop",Vash the Stampede from"Trigun",Tenchi Muyo, Goku from DBZ
Personal Quote: "I know when I'm strong when being strong is all that I have left."
Getting ready to take a college course at my church. ^^
Enough people had convinced me to take a course in leadership. Personally, I never saw myself as a leader, 
but I can understand the aspect of learning to lead a productive lifestyle, and I do have some level of 
leadership as far as taking initiative, and stepping out of my comfort zone, which had been something I never 
took a moment to really think about. I simply saw all this as something that I just needed to do. I couldn't wait for 
anyone or anything to give me the green light. If there's no opportunity, then I learn to create an opportunity. If 
there doesn't seem to be a way, God will make a way for me, as I step forward by faith. 

This class will certainly help me to figure myself out a little bit more. At least I hope so. I'm not aiming for a good grade, 
but rather, I am aiming towards learning what I can take with me and put into application. If it can help me be a better 
version of myself, especially here on DA, then perhaps, I have more to offer here online. :) 

I'm still slowly working on my comic. The motivation doesn't kick in whenever I most need it, so I simply do a little something every now and then.
A simple line drawing of a panel here, a dialogue bubble there, etc. A little something to keep some momentum going. Every effort adds up like pennies. XD

I was thinking...I forgot that DA has this film/animation section, and I've been noticing a few users posting image cover, in order to showcase their original soundtrack. 
I just so happen to have a recording of a song on garage band that I did awhile back. It's not finished yet, as far as adding the rest of the vocal. I don't have the immediate means nor 
the best place to finish recording anytime soon. It sucks, but what else can I do? I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing it, but I thought I might as well share my song here for once. 
It's a huge maybe. I don't know yet. To begin with, I'm not tech savvy, so I'm not familiar with the loading process. Even if I read the instructions, I don't always understand certain terms. 
It's like trying to read a different language to me. XD 

Well anyway, I better get ready to head out now. It's just a thought. Ideas are hard to follow in my case, I usually have to fight hard to get things going, with my luck. Eye Roll XD
Catch everyone later. :) 
  • Listening to: Gorillaz
  • Reading: Bible
  • Watching: My Hero Academia
  • Playing: you tube videos
  • Eating: sandwiches
  • Drinking: coffee


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