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+bioshock+ Fontaine shimeji



Press download or the link below to get it :3


Beware, he may suddenly throw away your brouser windows! Don't brandish your wrench then, he's just.. kinda high, too much adam and so on..

I used Shimeji 1.0.3 not only because of english interface, but there's also a menu, there you can choose wich of shimeji you want to have running around your desktop, that's very useful. Also there's a lot of commands, but for me they're just.. unnecessary.

how to use:
1. Click download
2. Unzip the archive
3. Double click on Shimeji-ee.exe
4. Press "Use selected"
5. Put your wrench away and have fun

This is my first shimeji, second "kind of" animation and one of the first trys to draw a chibi, so i can only hope you won't hit him with a wrench as soon as you get him ^3^ Anyway if you want to say or advise me how to make the thing better, i'm always here for you
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Thank you for making him! He's my companion whether he likes it or not now. :D

I want to make one for Jack too...