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Ghibli parade!

Ed ecco la mega-collab che abbiamo realizzato per lo Studio Ghibli!
La stampa (100x40cm) è stata consegnata personalmente al maestro Isao Takahata!

Resoconto completo qui -->…

And here is the mega collab that we made for the Studio Ghibli!
The press (100x40cm) has been delivered personally to the master Isao Takahata!

Complete report here -->…

All the artists:

:icontenaga: = Mononoke Hime, Panda Kopanda
:icondiaxyz: = Laputa, Conan
:iconn-a-r-i: = Howl, On your mark
:iconpeek-aboo: = Sherlock Holmes
:iconsaspy: = Hotaru no haka
:iconkurosy: = Mimi o sumaseba
:iconsori-chan: = Kaguya
:icondalamar89: = Totoro
:iconj-e-j-e: = The cat returns
:iconcristinakokoro: = Heidi, Akage no Anne
:iconindigosave: = Arietty
:iconsorein703: = Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi
:iconsarafabrizi: = Kiki, The wind rises
:iconticcy: = Kurenai no buta
:iconmortinfamiart: = Ponyo, Lupin
:iconduckieroll: = Nausicaa

related image:
Far Steam Artbook  - COVER by Tenaga

Idea by Valeria Tenaga Romanazzi and Diana Mercolini
Background and editing by VR Tenaga 2014
all the characters are © Studio Ghibli
don't use without permission, don't use for site/blog/forum/gdr, don't re-color it.

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Great job to you all for this wonderful piece!

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That make me crazy how many hours 😭😭

Is so beautiful !
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That's brilliant & insane!


I'm super in love with this art! I want to use it as theme for my bday, do you allow me? <3

So creative and amazing, Love ya <3

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Ghibli worked on Heidi?
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I bought a poster from, then I googled to find out the copyrihgt is yours. I think I should let you know. The shop is still selling it.…
Not sure if this is you selling it but I thought I should inform the artist just in case. 
wish. com/m/c/58adaa7353ad8c47932eff3e
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hi, great work. just to let you know, I see this being sold on ebay on a mug. they making quite a bit of money from it.…-
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Thank you, the item has been reported and removed : )
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Clap  cool collection.
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hello, i don't know if you're aware, but this art is being sold and made irl money out of, on a webside known as…
Ciao Tenaga and Diana, how can we get in touch as soon as possible?

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It even includes The Castle Of Cagliostro. Not many people include that film even though, alongside Nausicaä of the valley of the wind, it was one of the main reasons why Studio Ghibli was made. Yes, Nausicaä is a much more influential reason why Studio Ghibli was made but Cagliostro is still very important.
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This is absolutely beautiful! Is this available in poster form though? I'd really like to get it for my friend for his birthday
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hummm, studio ghibli was colaboraded with "Heidi"? :? (Confused) 

(i was watched a "remastered Version")
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hi this is amazing! i love it!. would you mind if i used this image in a project i'm doing for school? i feel it captures the essence of my project
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Ghibli is the Disney of animes, right?
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It's more than that ;3
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