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Public poll time! I'm revising some tiers and i need your input on what interests you the most for these new types of things i want to offer! <3 <3 <3
1 slot left at…
Last few days to get a FREE bonus thank you postcard for joining my community over at
$5+ folks get the card, WIPs and finished content before the public, first dibs on commission slots and more!
Even $1 helps a LOT and you get sweet perks!
Stay tuned! Announcement coming Nov 22nd about a FREE GIFT! :D

My inktober day 1 piece, 3 day early access for my patrons! Speed paint video coming soon! #art #naga #furryart #furry #fursona #inktober #inktober2018 #dragon #fantasy

You guys should check out this awesome artist who did some gift art for me!

(Gift) Thankyou Temrin! by GoldenGriffiness

Also don't forget i have discord server! There are places to share artwork, chat, has their own channels there and more!
9% funded! 🎉 Chipping away at this #fundraiser to upgrade my work station to address my tendonitis/carpal tunnel! Small #commissions open to all! 🎨 Visit to claim your spot! #art #furry #furryart Shares are super appreciated!
I just completed a long distance move. Computer is setup but there's a bunch more to do around the house so i'm slowly getting back into work while we sort out the new place and unpack things etc.

Thanks for all your patience :)
My old mailing list is being retired and i'm upgrading to a new, better formatted mailing list that is going to look awesome in your inboxes!

Get sales, offers, discounts and more on my new mailing list! Sign up at…
Last day to get in on commission tiers for May and we are $79 to the next goal! Art supplies have already been ordered for May so don't miss out on the Art Snacks tier, Copic Marker tier, and the upgradeable Sketch tier!
22 Hours left on the Teepublic sale and lots of cool items available! $14 Tshirts are awesome but you can also get posters, stickers, totes, cases, mugs, etc! Don't miss out on up to 30% EVERYTHING!
If I started offering things through Ko-fi, what would you be interested in getting?
Canvas Swap Issue 1 - 5 days away! by Temrin

Please Note that this is a DIGITAL PDF pre-order. Not a physical copy.

We are 5 days away from the official release of Canvas Swap Issue #1!

This issue features Memokkeen Memokkeen Thea- Thea- Nyanz Nyanz Temrin Temrin and their wonderful works!

Pre-order it now while it's still on pre-order sale! (Price goes up upon release!)
I'm back, sick and enjoying some quiet time. Find my full review and images on my public post at…
Just a reminder to all that i have an OPEN discord server! It's open to all fans, fellow artists, etc!
Get 2 months of content for the price of 1! All info at
If you use twitter, go enter at…
Day 2 is here and Zinnie is in and ready to answer your questions!

All info at and a FREE RAFFLE over at

All donors get lots of goodies!

$3+ gets you the ever expanding Zinnie telegram sticker pack, 1 guess towards the announcement challenge (pick a letter), high res art if they get unlocked.

$6+ gets you the previous and also the chance to ask Zinnie a question and get a drawn response.

$10+ gets the above and also the PDF of the first issue of the zine, set to be released in March 2018.
Join us for another "Ask Zinnie" fundraiser event, now with lots more goodies, based of the polls posted on the Canvas Swap social accounts.

Free raffle @ and all other goodies at