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Patrons got early access, even the $1 folks, to all spots at a flat price and a patron only discount! Get access to future opportunities like this at for even just $1, which also gets you other content as well!


  • Slots close at 10am PDT May 10th 2021. Confirmed spot winners will be given a form to fill out for their details/refs/payment info.
  • Filled forms are expected by May 12th. Invoices will be sent by EOD May 13th. (Please note that I am staffing/vending CozyCon Online May 14-16th and will likely be busy so if you are late getting the form in, I may be late invoicing you.)
  • Prices are in CAD! (Roughly ~30% cheaper for USA folks.)
  • Some public slots are flat price, some are auction style! Be sure to read the slot descriptions below.
  • Get an Alt version of your slot: +20% (Alternate Clothing, NSFW, etc. Image will have SFW and NSFW versions but who's NSFW in that version will depend on who wants the option for their character slot.)
  • Any species/sex/gender for all slots
  • Payments are due by 11:59PM PDT May 16th otherwise your slot may get offered to someone else.
  • Slots over $150 can have payment plans, If you win the spot, mention this in the commission form I provide you and we will work it out!
  • Expect ~3 month turn around. This is a large image and things may delay it like lack of quick communications from participants on each stage, etc. I'll be making updates to all participants via Email at bare minnimum as we go.
  • The background is a WIP! It is not complete and will be completed as we go.
  • SLOT #6 is a FREE giveaway spot thanks to some Epic Rabbits for purchasing the spot to give away. Check out my post at:…


  • #2 OPEN/Flat Rate - $70CAD: Optional: + 20% for Alt version (clothing, nsfw, etc)
  • #4 OPEN/Auction - $210+CAD: Optional: + 20% for Alt version (clothing, nsfw, etc)
  • #5 OPEN/Auction - $210+CAD: Optional: + 20% for Alt version (clothing, nsfw, etc)
  • #6 OPEN/GIVEAWAY - $210CAD: GIVEAWAY! Enter at:…
  • #7 OPEN/Flat Rate - $70CAD: Optional: + 20% for Alt version (clothing, nsfw, etc)
  • #9 OPEN/Auction - $165+CAD: Optional: + 20% for Alt version (clothing, nsfw, etc)
  • #12 OPEN/Flat Rate - $140CAD: Optional: + 20% for Alt version (clothing, nsfw, etc)
  • #1 - $140CAD: Korozjin (Patreon Discount)
  • #3 - $220CAD: Bozo (Alt Version)
  • #8 - $100CAD: Teras (Patreon Discount)
  • #10 - $210CAD: Skyican (Alt Version)(Patreon Discount)
  • #11 - $210CAD: Zen (Alt Version)(Patreon Discount)
  • #13 - $140CAD: OmniOtter (Patreon Discount)


Comment in the slot comments below. They will state if they are an auction or not and any commenting requirements. (If you're seeing this just as i'm uploading, give me like 30 minutes to populate all the sites i'm posting this too. I will be cross posting claims from each site as well but it wont be instantaneous so if any time stamps re-date someones post, i'll inform them.)

FREE SLOT: Thanks to some Epic Rabbits, slot #6 is a free giveaway slot! Enter for free at… before May 17th!

The expectation is to have all invoices sent out by end of day May 13th and payments are expected by 11:59PM PDT May 16th.

For folks with payment plans,
first half payment should be in by 16th due date above and second by the end of the month. If you need longer, feel free to chat with me and ask but this might not be the YCH for you if that isn't a doable time frame for you. (If an auctioned slot goes for a crazy amount, we will work something out.)


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