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Hello DeviantLand.

I have been on DA for the better part of 10 years (this is my second account).  I am quite aware there are many here who only have interest in seeing pictures of naked women (no judgements here).  I have no control over the intents of others (nor do I wish to), and I understand there will be those who will collect my images because they like "lady parts". I know there will be those who will comment on those parts, and make other untoward, objectifying, and even vulgar remarks about the models. I'm not naive.

But know this... Every model in my gallery are personal friends, first and foremost.   They are not paid models (though a couple do model on occasion).  They are mothers, wives, daughters, caregivers, intellectuals, entertainers, creators, innovators, educators, and professionals in a myriad of fields.  They are people, not objects.   They are collaborators in making art.  Specifically, art of beauty, emotion, and every facet of female empowerment.  In short... we don't do this for anyone's sexual fantasies.  We do it for the art, and to satisfy our creative and expressive desires. 

I won’t tolerate these amazing women, my friends, being treated in anything less than a respectful manner, if I can help it.  So... while it is your right to express yourself anyway you want here, know that disrespectful comments will be deleted, and you will be blocked. 


I’d also like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the many, genuine artists here who have followed me or faved my work, and have given me honest feedback and constructive criticism.   There are too many to mention, but my guess is you know who you are (chances are… I have followed you back).   And thank you to those who have collected my work for the same reasons we created them.  

If there is something nice to be said about the plethora of trolls here, is that it’s easy to see those who genuinely appreciate the work.


Hello friends in DeviantLand.  My previous account was under the name LordIlpilazzo.  So if you see anything in this gallery that you have seen before... no, I did not steal it.  I'm the same guy.

I am a photographer working out of Asheville, NC, and am for hire.  I have many years under my belt shooting glamour, portraits, pin-up, live theater and bands and commercial promotional material.   I am also known in local circles as "The Photographer to the Geeks", as I am thrilled by any opportunities to shoot cosplay and sci-fi/fantasy themed events. 

I know everybody says this but... my rates actually are reasonable!   If you are a model nearby, or coming through the Asheville area, I am open to TF opportunities.  But only if you have a concept or style that truly is unique.

You can find out more about what I do (as well as other images and contact info) by going to:


Hope you like what you see, and your feedback is always welcome (It doesn't always have to be positive, but if not... let it at least be constructive)

Be Seein ya

R. Charles Smith