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They forgot to let me out.
Impressions on the glass,
And blurred faces through the mist,
Leave lonely figures standing,
But markings on a list.
Their walls are full of memories,
A booklet to the past,
This room is darkened, hollowed,
By the shadows secrets cast.
These delusions of insanity
And frightful visions cause
The scars upon my arms,
And the pills inside my drawers.
Grab the glass and sever,
Your human thoughts and fears –
To feel the pain and searing
Is to know your mind's still here.
And leave those bottles broken,
Upon the window sill with light
Sorrow cracks the smile,
But shadows charm the night.
Inhale the smoke, surrender –
Your body, mind, and soul
To the drifting of whenever,
You feel like letting go.
Reality of never
And the tyranny of thought
Challenge battered lovers,
With disappearing hearts.
And maybe when he enters,
You'll fill this empty hole,
But your spirit lures those,
Whose fires have grown cold.
And one day you'll find that living,
Doesn't satisfy the pain,
And I've look upo
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 0 1
Life will come and Love will pass
Nothing gold was made to last
Memory will always fade
Leaving room for brighter days
If measured by the setting sun
Truths and love will stay unknown
Speak to shadows, watch rivers run
Chase the moon into the sun
Spread your soul and fly away
Dream this dream another day
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 3 5
Breathe by temporary-delusion Breathe :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 4 0 exhale: smoke, love, feeling. by temporary-delusion exhale: smoke, love, feeling. :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 15 16
left upon their silken chairs
And from that wound, my Love; it ran,
From my heart, and through my hand
Dripped among the sandy sun
Mixing most, but leaving some.
The shore and lines and wishes there
Blew around my salt-stained hair
All the sights and sounds and cares
I left upon their silken chairs
Until my soul was light and free
Leaving what was best of me
And breathing in I leapt from life
Took to water, abandoned light
Silence blessed my troubled mind
Finding death is soft and kind
My eyes were left, staring up
At the sun I never loved
My hair was spread and arms were wide
I seemed to dance, with the tide
And clouds and sky through shifting waves
Became my view for endless days.
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 0 1
fck it.
[fuck] all of them.
[fuck] their love.
[fuck] their helplessness and
[fuck] their hopelessness.
                                                          their stupidity.
                                                          their confusion.
[fuck this]
teach me
to                         &
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 5 8
PinkPetals by temporary-delusion PinkPetals :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 2 11 BrightLights by temporary-delusion BrightLights :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 0 2
Chase out the Demons
Give me enough to chase out these demons
To banish my thoughts, to calm my fears
Pour me a glass
And fuck all reason
Light up the darkness – Shatter these mirrors
I've tried to escape the world and its glory
Easy lies and shadows are all that it's known
So turn up the music
And tell me a story
Shelter the truth; I'm not ready to know
It's not enough to smile and shine through a lifetime
In order to laugh, you must know how to cry
Light up the candles
Close all the curtains
Night has descended, I'll teach you to lie
Break the reflections as they shine from the mirrors
Fuck all things that have never been said
I know that there's truth
I'm not willing to find it
Don't judge the voices, they live but they're dead
Walk through these halls and follow your sins
Bring me a drink, I'm thirsty and weak
Pour me enough,
To keep out my demons,
Find me a hole where I can shudder to sleep.
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 4 7
Passengers of Her Memories
Passengers of her memories
Walk shakily down the tracks,
Where trains carrying happiness
Used to rumble through her past
Each step among the broken rail
Leaves footprints in the rust -
Where once the track was golden,
The golden now is dust
Her masses moving forward,
Though there's no direction here,
Are caught within her misery
Consumed by hate and fear
Infected are her memories
Her mind is broken, lost
Her trains, trapped in motion
Her tracks begin to rot
And nothing can reopen
Now empty is her soul
Mind forever broken
Her memories must go.
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 4 11
Green2 by temporary-delusion Green2 :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 2 4 Green1 by temporary-delusion Green1 :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 2 6 SwaziFlower by temporary-delusion SwaziFlower :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 4 7 Wooden by temporary-delusion Wooden :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 4 3
The Angel of Truth.
It's a bit long, but I think it works (:
The arms of the Angels open wide over earth
Search for believers in the lost and the hurt
Angels, as told, guide souls through this life
Holding the answer to eternity's light
Soft, lacy fingers and spider silk hair
The Angels of Heaven dance with the air
A secret in the skylines, held frozen by time
Try as they might, these Angels can't die
Blissfulness ends as their perfection is forced
To study our struggles: to find Sin's source
These Angels may guide, but are unable to save
In horror they watched as Hell's road is paved
But as time continued as eternity does,
Souls grew heavy, and hearts lost their love
Tears of the Angels no longer fell
The river of life now a dry, cracked well
Forever in Eden, grown heartless and bored
These Angels followed the broken and poor
Instead of helping, they played with our lives
These People with wings ignored our cries
But one Angels smiled, sadly and spoke:
"The Sin is here in us – bringing false Hope:
:icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 3 5
Old Angels by temporary-delusion Old Angels :icontemporary-delusion:temporary-delusion 1 0


Is it Time or is it Spider?
Is it time or is it spider?
Such a question to pose.
Simply stated, hour by hour.
“It is neither, so far both.”
In my mind its easy to mistake.
These small trivial factoids.
Accomplished nothing.
Tick a-tock ticking.
Waking hours spent thinking.
Brain filth wafting, madness speaking.
Which or what, just to pose.
Hell bells sadly (gladly) ringing.
Is it time or is it spider?
Spiders up, time to leave.
Time is here, fiery fiend.
Clicking, ticking legs.
Just once more, just to state.
“It is neither, so far both…”
:iconsuperhyperjellybean:superHyperjellyBean 1 6
Under the sun of Egypt by Jukih Under the sun of Egypt :iconjukih:Jukih 2 0
did i ever sing
maybe we weren't meant to be singers.
you had a voice once but it vanished when
your father died and you swallowed the ghosts
like diary keys. we never knew how upset
your heart was but we could hear you coming.
you used to be a dancer, you used to be
ahead of your time until the ballroom windows
shattered and your father died. we knew then
our lives had been a false start and after-
wards we used our legs for running, trying to
catch up and keep up, trying not to slip up.
maybe we always believed those bumps in the
dark knew our names and that's why in sleep
nightmares never came, but then your father
died and that monster began sleeping under
your bed. it drank your blood but we knew
that you were the demon, hiding in shadows.
you used to sing without words sometimes
and i hated how nice it sounded, hollow notes
ghosting between your piano teeth, but it
helped me sleep. you used to dance alone,
you used to dance to your own beat but you
forgot the steps when your father died. 
:iconqueenofrelax:queenofrelax 20 30
worth the wait.
spending long nights between your arms,
knotted limbs counting the stars,
she'd listen as that car would start.
you drove away, she fell apart.
ticking clocks and dancing trees,
they pass these winter days with ease
but she is left alone to breathe
with no one but herself to bleed.
once there lived a little girl
with matchstick legs and hair that curled.
they watched her shattered heart unfurl
that night she almost outran the world.
she looks in that mirror and what does she see?
empty eyes and nicotine teeth.
doesn't matter they say she's pretty
you're the only one she wanted to please.
so she'll gloss her eyes and trim her hair,
paint her face till it gives her a scare,
clean her teeth so they're worn with wear,
doing things she never thought to dare.
starve those thighs till they hardly touch
though ninety nine really isn't enough.
she's got lips of an angel and tears in her eyes,
wondering if finally she's the one on your mind.
well, love is a vessel sinking into the sea,
and she's
:iconprincessevahaven:princessevahaven 3 27
your marionette girl
i knew a ballerina girl
who turned pirouettes on one strong-boned toe, with
jutted ribs and hipbones that became the perfection I craved.
she taught me of the gap between her thighs,
and how to get it,
the matchstick legs i wanted more than love or money.
i turned to devices that promised to pay me in bones,
watching the numbers tick by with every uneaten morsel
101, 100, 99.
when I wasn't avoiding food, I was stuffing my face,
and turning to the porcelain mouth of the toilet for comfort.
it was only later that I saw that ballerina girl without
her slippers, and saw the blood and bruises,
dripping from her battered toes,
the fine white hairs trailing her arms,
dandelion fur to warm her brittle body.
I have stepped on the scale,
and equated double-digits with joy.
(and I'm still not happy,
because the girl in the mirror still has
thick thighs and muscle curves)
now, I'm angry that I've wasted all this time,
i've counted calories and never kisses
or I-love-yous or the moments tha
:iconprincessevahaven:princessevahaven 4 14
bandes by kponiatowski bandes :iconkponiatowski:kponiatowski 9 1 lilas by kponiatowski lilas :iconkponiatowski:kponiatowski 4 1 Assassination by m-akkour Assassination :iconm-akkour:m-akkour 1 2 Set me free... by SachaKalis Set me free... :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 10,046 0 Windy Day by SachaKalis Windy Day :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 6,568 200 Joker by EmoHawkJE Joker :iconemohawkje:EmoHawkJE 4 0 If we were the same, you and I by OrganisationRed If we were the same, you and I :iconorganisationred:OrganisationRed 3 0 Cloying Camera by realhaydengabba Cloying Camera :iconrealhaydengabba:realhaydengabba 9 6 One Cat, Fruit, Clock- Pop Art by Lady-Honey One Cat, Fruit, Clock- Pop Art :iconlady-honey:Lady-Honey 205 36 Welcome by Shirubichan Welcome :iconshirubichan:Shirubichan 2 2
Empty Bottles
   I hate this feeling. I feel like any minute now, I'm going to give into the pain. All the sadness and frustration built up inside me is all going to rush out, like a gush of wind. Whenever I feel like crying, I just suck it up and shake it off. I hold back my tears because I know I have to be strong. And showing weakness only makes you that; weak. It's like my body is absorbing all the emotions, and storing them in a bottle. So when I'm about to break down, a wave of emotions spreads all over me, but then quickly goes away. Like a knot is being tied around my stomach. And just when the feelings are about to overcome me, the knot loosens, and the pain goes away. And then I feel nothing. I don't know how else to explain it. But this bottle; the one holding all my fears and sorrows... It's filling up. To a point where, soon, it won't be able to hold all the regrets I have, or the pain I feel. Soon the bottle is going to end up breaking, and everything is going to spill out th
:iconpinkstar102:PinkStar102 1 5



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