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Flutterbat 3d downloadable (blend file)

I have something for modders and animators:…

This file has been released by Temporal333 under the following license:
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)…

This scene contains:
   - model of Flutterbat
   - textures (color map)
   - simple rig (FK body, IK Hair and Tail)
   - skinned character
   - 1 pose in PoseLibary
Layer1 - Geometry
Layer 11 - Control Bones
Layer 12 - Deform Bones

This scene doesn't includes:
    - fix shape keys
    - face shape keys
    - advance setup of renderer and material (originally scene was created for vray rendering)
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© 2015 - 2021 Temporal333
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Hi my name is Sparky it's very nice to meet you ^w^ i have a question i have my own Pony oc and I'm kinda new at animations and I'm trying to figure out how to add my pony oc into sfm and Garry's mod how do I do that? 😅

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beautiful work! do you bychance have this as a maya rig as well? I'd love to animate this!
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I've downloaded it but don't know how to get it in the thing, help
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So is this something i can use on a 3d printer?
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I wish I knew how to make these
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You should totally do a rigging tutorial. Your weight painting and joint areas are amazing.
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My english is very poor, but maybe one day i will do this.
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For some reason, I've been having difficulty opening the file. The computer claims "file not found".
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try 7-ZIP software
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I installed the program and tried to open the file. All I get is "Incorrect command line".
i cant find the download link
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Wow amazing, love Flutterbats XD
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This is a very well done model.  Very clean,  and loving the topology. 

You get extra points if you did this whole thing in Blender. 
That program is different enough from all others ( Max, Maya, Softimage, etc ) to cause folks to go insane.  .  .  lol
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Your topology and riging is really great! I definitely want to get as good at joint areas as you are.
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but... 2snacks....
isn't this the rig 2snacks used to make that gifs?
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nope, these are two different things
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Slicznie wyszla ci
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I touched the "Don't touch this" layer D:
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Nice one thank you for doing this amazing model
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Very nice! No shape keys/facial poses, though? I mean, we can easily create our own and all that, it just seems strange to me. Any particular reason you're not releasing those?
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Incredible work! :)
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