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:icontemplily:TempLily posted a status
Someone define “self-care”

I recently moved into my own apartment, out of my SO’s house. It’s officially under their dad’s name, but I live in it and pitch in as much to the rent as I can afford to. So I’m taking care of myself now— It’s new to me in general to have a steady rhythm of my day, so I’ve always been poor with meals and water

The hardest part of self-care is meals and water. Specifically WATER. So i’ve Been skipping a lot of meals and I almost never hydrate, but it’s never given me any trouble (or I could never really tell if that was the issue)

Today at work, though. I just. I don’t even know what happened — one second I was up and about shelving books and the next second I was nursing a cup of tea one of my coworkers made for me and delegated to sitting down in the back room for the rest of my shift

I feel a little like a burden to my peers today, in short :TT my disorders haven’t been cooperative recently either, so it’s feeding into more anxiety / depression


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