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UHHHHHH [Weekly Prompt 11] by TempLily UHHHHHH [Weekly Prompt 11] by TempLily

So, this wasn't what Flick was expecting when she woke up. It was just going to be a normal day, and uhhh... now she just straight-up couldn't go outside. NOBODY would recognize her! No one! And they would think she was insane if she told them! And it was... really cold in here, now that she didn't have all her fur to protect her.

...Flick kicked the wall. This was dumb. What could she do to pass the time in this boring old room?

Groaning, she dragged herself over to look at her reflection. Her eyes were the same, still that bright shade of turquoise, and her markings were still in roughly the same places as they were before, but now they were much lighter. And her main body color was dark blue, not brown. Her teeth were still sharp... it didn't look like she had anything more than a generic baby Draken would. Well, this little adventure hadn't helped. She stared at the door, weighing her options. Hmmm... well... maybe she could get some use out of this. After all... if nobody recognized her, she could certainly get away with more. As it dawned on her the possibilities, her jaw slackened. Maybe... this was a blessing in disguise.

She slammed open the door and rushed outside into the crisp, cool air. Nobody glanced twice at her. She grinned, darkly. Perfect. The freshly-fallen snow gave her a whole host of ideas, not the least of which was sudden and unexpected snowball-pelting during important activities. Ms. Mayor was supposed to be out giving a speech today... if Flick could get her with one, and she could (hopefully) evade capture, then (hopefully) she could slip back into her room, and (hopefully) when she woke up tomorrow, nobody would be the wiser. Spirits lifted, Flick dashed out into the snow, full to bursting with ideas of how to spend the day.

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