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Styll(?) Ref by TempLily Styll(?) Ref by TempLily
A companion ref to…. This is Styll (name a big work in progress). They/he are a russet-furred creature with a lighter brown undercoat, and hardened hooves. Those ear... things are also hardened on the ends, but generally just flap about expressively like two extra tails. The tail, fluffs on the legs, and tufts of hair on the cheeks and head are papery-thin and fragile, and somewhat translucent. They're also mostly flat? Think a piñata. Those two large teeth are actually teeth, I just didn't bother to draw them in right. Eyes are royal blue and striking, and flecks of the color extend out into the sclera.

Styll and Lyr are romantically involved. Styll is marginally taller than Lyr is, and teases them about it relentlessly. They're very touchy-feely, and generally Lyr will be found curled up and protected by Styll's larger (but much more thin and fragile) frame. They both terribly neglect their own self-preservation when apart, but being together is a big help. Styll remains impossible to fatten up. It's almost frustrating, but mostly scary. (Lyr is cool. Lyr puts on weight easy.) Styll translates for Lyr's flashing-light language, but it's sometimes hard to get people to speak to either of them, as Styll is a bit of an outcast with their protruding teeth and lanky, awkward frame. It's a point of sensitivity. Lyr thinks it's perfect as is.

Powers! Just as much as a work in progress as Lyr's is. I might synchronize them into some sort of domain-based magic system. For now, any ideas are appreciated! I have:

Grey Area: The ability to keep track of the position of something on a sliding scale of aspects. For example, to have knowledge of the temperature of something, the morality of something, or the position of something relative to something else. Anything that has two extremes. The more objects or beings are tracked this way at once, the harder it becomes to stay conscious and moving. The sooner the user goes to sleep or submits to unconsciousness after an information overload is detected, the less severe the consequences.

Divinity: The ability to make something untouchable. Could be used on self or others-- for example, hooves in order to walk on water. You see what I did there. Only one thing or directly related set of things can be protected at a time, and the paper-fragile parts of the user's body slowly burn away and spread as the ability is used for longer and longer times.

Sparks: The ability to create a set of golden patches on an opponent which slowly spread throughout the body, causing them pain and erasing the color from their bodies when the patches recede. When fully covered, can be used to kill. As the patches spread, more and more of the sparks on the tail are lost, and once they are all gone, the color and life begin to drain from the user.

Flutter: The user's body can be disassembled into papery shreds and reassemble itself in another location. These shreds, if intercepted and destroyed, can be used to destroy parts of the user's body.

Waves: The ability to manipulate water and moisture. The less water is in the air, the more using this ability incapacitates the user.
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