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LOCO FOR COCO PUFFS (Heartsgiving Prompt 1) [WC] by TempLily LOCO FOR COCO PUFFS (Heartsgiving Prompt 1) [WC] by TempLily

Flick ran out to the forest very excited! And itching for Heart's Desire! And forgetting to take anyone with her. ...Oh well, she'd do it herself. It couldn't be too hard! Taft had warned her that the fruits could be alluring, but Flick shrugged it off. She was old enough to take care of herself! And know what was and wasn't good for her. She wasn't some baby 'lop who would put things in her mouth just for fun.

The Nyulop worked dutifully, as was her wont, for a surprising amount of time. She got a good haul for Taft, and was just about to bring them back, when it occurred to her that she was hungry, and she'd gathered so many of the substantially-sized fruits that the Draken couldn't possibly need any more, right? So... she took a bite of one. Just for the novelty of it. It was... it was...


Now naturally, this got Flick very excited. Her friends would LOVE these. But she got SO MANY! And she was only gonna need, what, four... five? Cups of the stuff. So... she tried some more. And some more. And some more...

She had been warned that one acted a little out of sorts after eating them. She did not heed that warning.

...Fortunately, Taft would have plenty from more diligent workers. Probably. She'd be fiiiine.

EXP Icon: Blue 
+15 for full body, +10 for story, +55 for background, +15 for shading, x2 from Double EXP Month = 190 (1010 total)
LEVEL UP! Flick is now Level 9!
LEVEL UP! Flick is now Level 10!
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