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Just One More Thing... [WC] (Heartsgiving Setup) by TempLily Just One More Thing... [WC] (Heartsgiving Setup) by TempLily

Flick had been relaxing earlier, playing a quick game of cards, when she saw Glinda, sour-faced, going off into the forest. Now, Flick had all confidence that Glinda could handle herself in there (she knew the ways in and out, as demonstrated by their first meeting), but she couldn't help but wonder what could bring her back there. Not to mention, Flick had seen a lot of people heading in and out of the forest lately, and a lot of traffic to and from Taft's place. Wondering what all the fuss was about, she'd gathered up her cards and peeked into the kitchen. ...Where it smelled delicious. What in the world...?

"What's go-going on in here, Taft?" she murmured, catching the older Draken's attention. "Oh, hey there! Didn't see you! Have you come to help me making some treats...?" Flick cocked her head to the side. "Flick. I-i-it's Flick. But why-why're you making all this?" Here, Taft perked up, surprised. "It's Heartsgiving, Flick! You make things and give them to the people you love! Like cookies, and cakes, and pies, or even just a card!" Hmm. Well, that made a lot more sense, didn't it. Pies... Flick's ears raised, slowly. "I want to make some!" she said, awestruck. "Le-le-lemme help!" Taft laughed good-naturedly. "Sure thing! We can do some of the preparation right here. What're you looking to make?"

Flick quickly exclaimed that she really really wanted some pie, and they set to work making the preparations. Pie crusts, sugar, flour, cinnamon, all separated into different containers, and then mixed together. Taft went looking for some Heart's Desire, but... "Looks like we've used up all of it again," he muttered. Taft turned to Flick. "Tell you what. Can you get some friends with you and run out to help with getting some? There's a lot of people out there already, but they could always use an extra hand." Flick opened her mouth to exclaim her approval, but he stopped her with one more thing. "I don't want you going out there alone if you can help it, okay? Heart's Desire can be difficult to work with." Flick nodded enthusiastically. There were plenty of people she could get to help her! Well, probably just Tomo and Nyro. But still! That was probably what Glinda was out doing, too. And Flick could most certainly be of SOME help!

EXP Icon: Blue 
+30 for 2 fullbodies, +10 for story, +55 for background, +15 for shading, +10 for drawing the NPC Taft, x2 for Double EXP Month = 240 (580 total)
LEVEL UP! Flick is now Level 4!
LEVEL UP! Flick is now Level 5!
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