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Flick and Glinda in the Forest [WC] by TempLily Flick and Glinda in the Forest [WC] by TempLily

Evening fell cold and heavy on the forest just outside of town. Flick, despite her best efforts to stick to the paths worn down by countless others, was hopelessly lost. Even worse, she'd dragged along with her a disagreeable smaller Nyulop named Glinda, and though Flick didn't really have any interest in the other, she also didn't have any interest in destroying their friendship before it could even start. So. That was that. In another one of her dumb, spur-of-the-moment plans, Flick had decided it would be a good idea to go hide in the forest where nobody would be able to find her, and wait for an unsuspecting traveller so she could scare them out of their wits with, you know, whispers and freaky noises and the like. Glinda spoke up against the idea, which Flick relayed to her in a fit of inspiration. Glinda made such a fuss about it, so loudly and publicly, as Flick went off to go do it, that Flick insisted she come along so she couldn't rat them both out.

Which brought us to the current situation, with Glinda making some unhelpful comments behind her every so often as she delved deeper and deeper into the wood. The sun was nearly set now, and they surely wouldn't be able to make it back once nightfall hit. Flick rested against a tree for a moment, looking up at the bits and pieces of rapidly darkening sky she could see above the canopy of leaves. "...You don't know the way back, do you." Glinda confirmed, voice hollow. Flick grit her teeth against the urge to snap, tears gathering in her eyes. "St-stupid, stupid, stupid," she berated herself under her breath. "C'mon, y-y-y-you know you shouldn't have done this. Stupid, st-stupid, stupid." Flick grinded her teeth a little harder, just for a moment, then took a deep breath. "Y-you can do better than just compl-complain," she griped at Glinda. "At-at least help me nav-navigate." With an irritable look at the smaller Nyulop, Flick took one more deep breath and soldiered on. Surely, just a little further...!

EXP Icon: Blue 
+20 for 2 fullbodies, +5 for story, +50 for detailed bg, +10 for shading, +5 for drawing :iconumbreoneevee2190:'s Glinda = 90 EXP (175 total)
LEVEL UP! Flick is now Level 1!
fffaron Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
ah, this must've taken ages ;w; Lovely outcome though! 
TempLily Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Student Digital Artist
!! tysm !! It kind of did ^^;; I think it was 5-6 hours total to get it done. Really satisfied with the end result, though!
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