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Flick [MYO Nyulop] by TempLily Flick [MYO Nyulop] by TempLily

Name: Flick
Gender: Female
D&D Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Flick is all about competition. She can roll with the best of them, come at her! Or maybe not? She’s unsure of herself most of the time, not helped by her natural stutter. Still, she’s very fun-loving, and gets wrapped up in the moment easily. She’s loudmouthed and bold! Although she’s generally pretty hardworking and honest, when people snap at her, she tends to snap back. Her temper is as quivery as her nervousness is, and she’s prone to the childhood fights that are all about whether or not one person is another’s “friend anymore”, all-too-easily forgotten within the week. This can get ugly, however, because her sense of humor is less lighthearted pranks and more about humiliating others. She will come up with the most mean-spirited thing she can to pull on another, and sometimes not even realize why they might be mad at her later, which feeds that anxiety she holds onto.

Species: Nyulop
Alignment: Unlucky
Creation: MYO
Age: Child (2 years)
DOB: January 27th

Friends: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A

Baby Upgrades: N/A

My sweet girl~ Very much looking forward to drawing her many many more times~
EXP Icon: Blue 
+10 for application (10 total)
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