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Agaricus Lightbender by TempLily Agaricus Lightbender by TempLily
(Name under consideration.) An entry to a magical fauna contest~ These six-legged amphibious creatures, whose bodies are covered not in fur, scales, or feathers, but in moist, rubbery skin, float in the Prism Pond by way of the bouyant growths out of their backs. They disguise themselves as easy stepping stones, or as a place for a tired Exorma to land and admire the crystalline waters. In actuality, these vicious herbivores, when landed on, will thrash out of the water and try to end the life of whatever dared step upon it using sharp head growths. They're too small to do any harm to Vivians, but if they aren't hunted to decrease their population, they can be a serious threat to carnivores' food sources as they kill off small land animals who they see as threats to their precious food supply. A Vivian caught off-guard may even be drowned by an Agaricus Lightbender. They are seen on land to feed on the leafy pink plants, but otherwise stay and mull about in the water. An Agaricus Lightbender with its back growth chopped off can grow a new one in 4-5 days, but until then, beware the waters.
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December 28, 2017
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