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Asim - MYO #1 [Devidaes] by TempLily Asim - MYO #1 [Devidaes] :icontemplily:TempLily 0 0 Varkery Pens [WC] by TempLily Varkery Pens [WC] :icontemplily:TempLily 3 0 Baryte Boyz [WC] by TempLily Baryte Boyz [WC] :icontemplily:TempLily 4 0 Flick's Sheet (Starsail Upgrades!) [WC] by TempLily Flick's Sheet (Starsail Upgrades!) [WC] :icontemplily:TempLily 7 0 'Helping' [WC] by TempLily 'Helping' [WC] :icontemplily:TempLily 8 0 [OPEN AUCTION] Wyvern Adoptable by TempLily [OPEN AUCTION] Wyvern Adoptable :icontemplily:TempLily 8 0 Starsail Festival Prompt 1 [WC] by TempLily Starsail Festival Prompt 1 [WC] :icontemplily:TempLily 1 0 Katia [MYO Draken] by TempLily Katia [MYO Draken] :icontemplily:TempLily 3 0 Back In The Swing Of Things! [WC] by TempLily Back In The Swing Of Things! [WC] :icontemplily:TempLily 2 0 Nix's Kozan Digital Sketch Art Shop by TempLily Nix's Kozan Digital Sketch Art Shop :icontemplily:TempLily 2 0 Nix's Rino Digital Sketch Shop by TempLily Nix's Rino Digital Sketch Shop :icontemplily:TempLily 2 0 Nix's Lucy Digital Sketch Shop by TempLily Nix's Lucy Digital Sketch Shop :icontemplily:TempLily 0 0 Jailrose Appreciation Party by TempLily Jailrose Appreciation Party :icontemplily:TempLily 2 0 Ori !! by TempLily Ori !! :icontemplily:TempLily 2 1 Bailey Sketch (Textured) by TempLily Bailey Sketch (Textured) :icontemplily:TempLily 2 0 Taako Design (Here There Be Gerblins) by TempLily Taako Design (Here There Be Gerblins) :icontemplily:TempLily 2 2



Asim - MYO #1 [Devidaes]

Name: Asim
Gender: Male
Slot Used: MYO #1

Asim is an angry boy. He's just real angry! He likes to wreak harmless (usually) havoc. Other than being quick to a temper and bad-mannered, he's actually a fine person. Not averse to talking to people (cronies! friend-cronies! haha, haHAhaha!) and if he's enjoying himself, he's pretty chill.

New Devit Icon 3/3 
Varkery Pens [WC]

look at this fuckin baby child. she's working so hard. look at her toiling on these fuckin fences just for you rems. rems you looked so distressed this bouncing baby bean is here to alleviate all your pain remy.

EXP Icon: Blue 
+15 for 1 fullbody, +55 for detailed background, +15 for shading (130 total)
LEVEL UP! Katia is now Level 1!
I’m on Art Fight!! My user is Lilgold and I’m on team Tea >:0
Baryte Boyz [WC]

Very very lazy image, just needed to get these upgrades onto Katia before I left.

+ Moth Antennae
+ Gemified (Baryte)

EXP Icon: Blue 
+15 for 1 fullbody (45 total)
Flick's Sheet (Starsail Upgrades!) [WC]

finally a new reference for my gal ;w; made her a lot less radioactive!! 


Arrow left Name: Flick
Arrow left Gender: Female
Arrow left Age: 17 years
Arrow left DOB: January 27th
Arrow left Species: Nyulop
Arrow left (D&D) Alignment: Chaotic Good
Arrow left Alignment: Unlucky
Arrow left Orientation: Demi/Aro
Arrow left Status: N/A


Arrow left Friends:
Glinda (Flick's closest friend. They have a punch-on-the-arm relationship.)
Tomo (Well, he's a bit of a wet blanket in her opinion. But they hang.)
Nyro (The coolest guy. Just the best guy. Look at this guy.)



- Uni Horn
- Marking Color Change
Right Ear Rim to Lightest Green
Left Ear Full to Medium Green
Right Eye Spot to Medium Grey
- Tiny Claws in Eye Color
- Thumbs
- Tuft
- 7 Starter Stripes on Right Leg Front in Lightest Grey
- 5 Starter Spots on Both Ear Halves in Basic Blue
- Single Accessory: Deck of Cards w/ Holster


Tiny Curls in Eye Color
- Noble Whiskers
- Cherub Ears
- Feathery Wings
- Marking (Re)Mover
Removed Left Arm Full
Moved Right Leg Back to Right Eye Spot

- Pelt Modifier to Darkest Green
- Great Hare Day in Basic Violet
- Colored Sclera in Darkest Grey
- Unicorn Tail


- Love Mitts in Eye Color
- Sweet Nothings Ears

Community Challenge:
- Cosmic Dust
- Jolt Spikes
- Firefly Glow in Purple
- Starry Skies on Right Eye Spot

Starsail Festival:
- THE BIG STAR on Right Leg Joint in Medium Grey
- Comet's Tail in Eye Color


 House: Autumn Wind
Roommate: Owl
 Bag Type: String
 Accessories: Bandana, Goggles


 Skills: N/A
 Feats: N/A
 Traits: N/A

Flick is all about competition. She can roll with the best of them, come at her! Or maybe not? She’s unsure of herself most of the time, not helped by her natural stutter. Still, she’s very fun-loving, and gets wrapped up in the moment easily. She’s loudmouthed and bold! Although she’s generally pretty hardworking and honest, when people snap at her, she tends to snap back. Her temper is as quivery as her nervousness is, and she’s prone to the childhood fights that are all about whether or not one person is another’s “friend anymore”, all-too-easily forgotten within the week. This can get ugly, however, because her sense of humor is less lighthearted pranks and more about humiliating others. She will come up with the most mean-spirited thing she can to pull on another, and sometimes not even realize why they might be mad at her later, which feeds that anxiety she holds onto.

EXP Icon: Blue 
+30 for 2 fullbodies (1855 total)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Oh, how mysterious! Five of your original characters have been anonymously invited to a dinner party held by a host none of them have ever met, at some mansion none of them have ever heard of. Sounds like a fun time, right?

If your OCs have any powers or special abilities that would permit them to sense or avoid getting attacked and/or killed by our murderer, I'm afraid upon entering the mansion they have all been disabled. No avoiding this one, kids.

Ready to begin?

Orignal Meme:  OC Murder Mystery (Blank Writing Meme, 5 OCs)Oh, how mysterious! Five of your original characters have been anonymously invited to a dinner party held by a host none of them have ever met, at some mansion none of them have ever heard of. Sounds like a fun time, right?
If your OCs have any powers or special abilities that would permit them to sense or avoid getting attacked and/or killed by our murderer, I'm afraid upon entering the mansion they have all been disabled. No avoiding this one, kids.
Ready to begin?
1. First, choose five of your OC's to be invited to the mansion and to partake in the horror!
2. How fun! Alright, your OCs have finished getting all dressed up for the big event and are ready to go to the party. How is [2] feeling about all of this?
3. Whoops, no time for that! Looks like we've already arrived! The mansion is a large, foreboding building set on top of a hill. As it so happens, it's near pitch black out and raining hard. Your characters hurry to get to the door. [3] gets there first and

1. First, choose five of your OC's to be invited to the mansion and to partake in the horror!

Tenir (My boi! I couldn't not, ofc)
Lyr (:0 kinda didn't have anyone else to fill this slot)
Lavu (My boi's son! daughter! child! What a boi!)
Red (>w>)
Void (oof, look at this indescribable force)

2. How fun! Alright, your OCs have finished getting all dressed up for the big event and are ready to go to the party. How is Lyr feeling about all of this?

Lyr's a little wary. Not a particularly trusting one, they are, but they didn't really want to offend this person... whoever they are... so even if they're on edge, they're also relieved that everything's been going according to plan. Also, they've never been to a dinner party! So that's both causing some anxiety and very exciting.

3. Whoops, no time for that! Looks like we've already arrived! The mansion is a large, foreboding building set on top of a hill. As it so happens, it's near pitch black out and raining hard. Your characters hurry to get to the door. Lavu gets there first and tries to knock, but before they can, the door opens up, revealing a tall, well-dressed creature with a crooked grin. How does Lavu react?

Well, Lavu was a little nervous about going to a party... you know, with a bunch of people, which he's not that big on, and one that the group seems pretty suspicious of in the first place, so he spoke out against this to begin with. The group barely got him in a vest, honestly. Still, once he was convinced that yes, this was the only option, he got pretty excited about it. So, he ran ahead, wanting to be first in the door, aaand this man pops out at him. Lavu doesn't know why the man is... grinning... but um, he freezes (not literally, don't worry) and nods slowly to the host, offering a cordial, "I guess you saw us coming, huh? Well, uh, pleasure to meet you, thanks for the invitation."

4. The creature welcomes our guests inside the mansion, and, with barely any time to catch their breath, ushers them into the dining room. Everyone is given assigned seats: Tenir and Red sit on the left side of the table, Lavu sits on the end, Void and Lyr sit on the right side, and the host takes the remaining spot at the other end. How does everyone feel about these seats? Are there any arguments over it, or does it seem fitting?

Tenir is super uncomfortable being next to Red. His right eye keeps pulsing an unnatural black, and his tails are sometimes invisible, infinite, or stretched to grotesquely incorrect proportions. He keeps apologizing for this, and trying to hide it from Lavu, who is busy staring at the host. Red accepts that this is a part of how this was always going to go, with some measure of sadness. However, she is kind of... guiltily enjoying this. Needless to say this relationship is causing Lyr to flicker and spark a little, fearful of the situation. Void takes their seat without argument, and merely hums discontentedly. The left side of the table is clearly the issue here.

5. Well, regardless if they're happy with it or not, the host begins the feast and welcomes his guests. He explains that he's invited them all to this party because he is new in town, and he decided that holding a social event like this would help him to make some friends! Does Red buy their story, or do they think there's something more to this gentleman? Do they try to convince any of their fellow guests of their feelings?

Red is completely unconvinced. She doesn't like this party, she went along because she had to keep an eye on Tenir and Void, and yet she's so distressed about the current situation with the spasming gentleman beside her that she doesn't try to talk to anyone else, keeping her head down and trying not to make sudden movements.

6. The dinner continues, but throughout it, the host seems to get a little too comfortable with talking to Lyr and begins to flirt. He attempts to lean across to give them a nuzzle several times. How does Lyr feel about this? How do they react?

Lyr is so so so uncomfortable. Lyr wants to leave. Nobody is happy, at this moment, except maybe Void (it's really hard to tell), and honestly Lyr wishes they'd never come. They will continue smiling nervously and nodding until someone says something, and nobody is saying something. They feel so so so unsafe. Lyr isn't okay with this.

7. Meanwhile, Void, Lavu, and Tenir are engaged in conversation. What are they discussing? How do each of them view their host?

Tenir can't hold a conversation all too well, but Void always helps him calm down a little. Lavu is having an animated conversation about the food, which he is very very interested in. So very interested. Tenir is grateful for his daughter's sensitivity to the issue. Void also enjoys food. Wow. Food. Love that. They find this food especially acceptable.

8. Dinner is over, and your guests are all (presumably) happy and have full bellies! They thank their host and begin to leave, when it becomes apparent that the storm has gotten much, much worse. Whether they like it or not, it is agreed it would be best if your guests wait out the storm at the mansion. The host kindly offers to let your characters stay the night; he has enough rooms for everyone! How does Tenir feel about this decision? Would they rather risk the storm, or keep it safe?

Tenir was the original proponent of the party, reassuring everyone that it would be great and they'd be okay. Now he's not so happy, but still very confident in his host, so he accepts this with relief. ...So long as he doesn't have to share a room with Red. Anyone else is okay. The others are unsure of this idea, but they wouldn't ruin this for him. 

9. The host divides a set of three room keys between the guests: one for Tenir and Lavu, one for Red and Void, and one for Lyr, still showing his favoritism. The guests each disperse to their respective rooms. Upon entering their room, Red and Void realize there is only one queen bed in the room. How do they react to this? Does one of them force the other to sleep elsewhere, or are they fine with the arrangements?

Void isn't particularly fussy, so they just settle down in one corner of the room and stay silent for the rest of the night. Red hasn't gotten over her feud with them, but they can't figure out how to torn this into an irritated remark, so she just takes the bed.

10. Everyone eventually settles in to spend the night, but before they can drift off, there is a horrified scream down the hall! The characters rush out of their room to see what's happened, and find their host staring, horrified, into Lyr's room. Upon entering the room, they find that Lyr has dropped dead. What happens next?

Tenir can't handle this. He's too shocked to make any accusations, and just... faints. Lavu is similarly terrified by the sight, and he shudders violently, shifting into Cryodraken form by accident. Red was sure this was going to happen, and turns a withering gaze on the host. Void shrinks, wisping in an inscrutable mix of fear and rage. 

11. Once the panic settles a bit, the host explains that he'd been going to check on Lyr and found the door open. Upon seeing Lyr fallen dead, he'd screamed. What does Void think of their story?

Void knows it has to be true, because Lyr couldn't have possibly screamed. However, they can't count out the possibility that the host was the murderer either way. They try to think of things objectively, but it's hard, after a death like that.

12. The characters exchange ideas on how Lyr may have died. Lyr has no visible wounds, and they don't appear to have been strangled. It is agreed that without any medical staff, they are unable to determine the true reasoning behind their death. Lavu goes to contact the police, but with the raging storm outside, the phone lines are dead. The host, though heartbroken, tries to calm everyone down and urges them back to bed. There is nothing to do until the storm passes, right? Everyone returns to their rooms, but can everyone necessarily fall asleep after that tragedy?

Certainly not. Void was never going to sleep anyway, but they still wish they could do something. Tenir sleeps, but fitfully and without particular restfulness. Lavu keeps trying to call, despite how fruitless it seems to be. Red... is nowhere to be found. It seems like she probably went outside to have a fly and clear her thoughts.

13. After a few hours, Red gets up to use the bathroom. They head outside of their room and begin down the stairs, but are met with a horrible sight - Tenir is laying at the bottom of the stairs, bleeding! A butcher knife is sticking out of their back, and from all the blood around, it's clear this happened a while ago. What does Red do?

Red runs. She knows she'll be suspected, and she runs.

14. Eventually everyone's gathered together at the site, and it's becoming clear that Lyr's death may not have been a simple tragedy at all… Who is beginning to panic the most?

Lavu's dad is dead. The ground around him is freezing over, as is the blood. Everyone is made nervous by this.

15. The host urges everyone to calm down, but of course, it is difficult for our guests to agree. It would seem a murderer is among them, and they have no way out! Everyone's a suspect. Who offers to take the position of detective, and why?

Void takes the position. Nobody disagrees. They give no explanation for why, but everyone seems to understand.

16. Yes, yes, that's all well and good and all, but we don't have time for that. Everyone insists that they are not the murderer, and the host suggests that it is an entirely different intruder altogether! He splits the guests up to search the mansion - which really does seem like a terrible idea - and the hunt for clues and killers begins! How is Void holding up?

Void is fine. They're fine. They're fine. They're f̴͓͔̏̅ͅi̸̹̱̗̺̓̿͋n̴̼͉̱̎͊͆͘͜ȇ̵̞̫͔̑.̸͔̲͙̅̀̄̅ͅ

17. Everybody is on their own now, and as the storm continues to rage outside, the tension between guests grows. They search throughout the house, but there is no sign of anybody breaking in or any clues to who dunnit. Who does Red suspect the killer is and why?

Red is sure it's the host. He's been suspicious all throughout the night, and he's the only one who would have known where to find the knives in this house. If it's not the host, it's Void, but even she wouldn't accuse them immediately. No, the host is the most suspect.

18. Oh, dear. While Red was busy guessing the culprit, it would seem another blood-curling scream has echoed through the building! The guests rush to the scene to find Void has been bludgeoned in the head and is now dead! Now all those who are left are Lavu, Red, and the host. How does Lavu react to seeing the deceased Void?

Lavu was the one who screamed.

19. Oh, truly heart-breaking… But not that it really matters much to them, right? Lavu summons several blades of ice and stabs the host through on all sides.
Red's reaction?

Red freezes. She wasn't expecting something like this. 

20. Yes, so the truth comes out. Lavu was the killer all along. Tell Red through your final villain monologue, Lavu, why did you do it?

Lavu is silent and cold. He says nothing.

21. And now that that's done, there's only one thing left to do, right? Lavu summons one last shard to finish off the final guest. Well, Red? Any last words to spit at your betrayer?

Red raises her clawed wing and lowers her head. She affixes Lavu. "I could destroy your Bonds right here. You don't want to do this." She's bluffing, of course, but... anything to call them off.

22. How very noble. Lavu moves to stab Red through.
…Oh. It would seem someone's Cryodraken form is melting away. Well, that wasn't very bright of them at all, was it? What does Red do in this lucky moment?

Red stares for a moment, and then flies away quickly.

23. Wait, wait, wait, Red! There's something important you need to know first! It wasn't Lavu at all! That's right. Lavu's no murderer! It was really… a prank!
The host stands up and the rest of the guests come out, perfectly alive and healthy. It was all just to mess with you! All in good fun!
What's your response, Red?

Red is already gone. No way to convince her that this wasn't real now, I guess...?

24. Well, that's the end of the story! I do hope you enjoyed this meme, and thank you very much for playing! :D (Big Grin) Take this space to tag someone (if you'd like!), or you can give us some inner monologue of Red's final thoughts on all this!

Meme by EatPrayDraw
Please leave the link so others can find their way back to the blank version and do it themselves! It is much appreciated :D (Big Grin)


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