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*Pulsar shoots Dracula with sunlight rays, removing Dracula's powers*

*Pulsar rollerskates towards Dracula*

*Pulsar kicks Dracula, knocking Dracula out*
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Love this! 

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I didn't notice the first time I saw this, his shadow is a dragon. Nice touch!
waferboy's avatar
very nice ben. i've been a fan of your work for a while now, keep it up!
LeandroSanguineo's avatar
Hello, Ben. I am a fan by your artwork.
RainfallElectricity's avatar
Dark...creepy...beautiful use of contrasting colors...spindly and creepy...truly phenomenal. Favorite'd.
Adailtob's avatar
Beautiful art!
DreamsinScarEden's avatar
When I saw this book on the shelf I just had to buy it. Love your stuff Ben.
141188's avatar
This looks awesome, I love the Nosferatu look you gave Dracula :D FAVE
KingTeDdY's avatar
Nice, it looks like Nosferatu.
mind-twisting's avatar
YOU HAVE A DEVINATART??! My life has been made! :D I adore your work!
LizzieLupine's avatar
Bloody brilliant! It's like splicing Mr Barlow and Nosferatu together and then making them dance on some spindly twigs. Unnerving and creepy but I like it, and will probably come back for more. Right, I'm off to go and salivate over the book...
scott5353's avatar
Gorgeous work!!
sow-alucinogen's avatar
really nice dark !! =D
I love it !!!

It remind me of Voldemort.. (harry potter)
Rustyoldtown's avatar
There's a great sense of warmth and cold grat use of colours.
Rubyael's avatar
Awesome work!
Weegraphicsman's avatar
The book is super, my copy finally arrived. it's beautifully presented and I love the illustrations you've proved.

Great stuff.
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Glad to hear it, and thanks Weegraphicsman!
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