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Batman Quickee

Done for a bit of an exhibition in Brazil I'm going to next month. I just call this having fun with shapes really.
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jeepers. this sure is swell.
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Templesmith, you are a god among men. Your works are a huge inspiration to me. Keep it up.
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Awesome work. I love seeing Batman in a style as unique as yours. Very interesting to see. So different from conventional portrayals of Batman, but the important aspects are the same: Very shadowy, almost abstract. Fits perfectly.

Is it just me, or would it be insanely awesome to see a Batman comic with art by Ben Templesmith? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
shaktipat's avatar
Nice. The line I like best is the white one out of his eye. For some reason I thought, "the Bat Claus".
masig2002d's avatar
wow. You should be a batman artist! Your style fits perfectly!
Freebird2005's avatar
Looks great. I have always wanted to see some old school traditional characters done your way. Batman was a great choice. This looks fantastic!
Sanskarans's avatar
:wow: This is good.Finally Batman in Ben templesmith style.Love. it.Nice work on textures and love the details.We want a coloured version :salute:
FlowComa's avatar
dude thats very cool. I like the razor scratchies and the washes on the bricks are lovely too
Neil113's avatar
Wow! That turned out great. I've never imagined you drawing batman, but you rocked it fo shizzle
chilipalmer's avatar
I really like your take on Batman, love the texture this has :)
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