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Just as a for your information kind of blog (which is dedicated to Apollon but covers other aspects of my worship as a Hellenic) can be found at:
Since I dont typically make journal entries on this account I thought perhaps to make this one available to those who might be interested in following some of my thoughts on religious matters which I illustrate in my art.
For inexpensive downloads of my art (that can be individually printed at your local shop such as Kinkos, Staples, Walmart etc) please visit my storefront at…

As always, original paintings are for sale unless otherwise noted as not for sale or as commissions. See my site description for pricings.
The following paintings are still for sale: Poseidon, The Lamp of Demeter, and Ares. I am always willing to personally do prints of any of the paintings in the archives which are NOT commissions. Also I do take commissions which are at this time the same price as buying an original premade.
Hey folks,
I am experiencing some considerable financial difficulty so I am regretfully selling my paintings of True Love, the Lamp of Demeter, Offering of Dionysos, Athena, Persephone, and Poseidon. They are 50 each plus shipping (international is a bit higher than domestic).
I also I am taking commissions if anyone has anything that they really would like. Price varies depending on what size you want.
Though I prefer painting the Hellenic gods, I am pretty open to painting just about anything.

Just send me an email if you are interested in either purchasing one of these paintings or in getting a commission done. Regardless you will have them before the holidays either way you go.
I do paint on commission. Hekate bearing Torches is an example of a commissioned painting. Prices vary on what I charge depending on where you need it shipped (international vs domestic) and what size the painting is and how involved it is. I am mostly familiar with Hellenic gods and myths, but I have done commissions of other pantheons, it just requires a bit of research on my part.