Into the Past, Into the Future

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     He stands before me, my greatest friend, my staunchest ally. I cannot see his face; only the wondrous, the magnificent, the ineffable (the terrifying) prize he offers me.

     "I am the Guardian; the last Guardian," he intones (somewhere) as he holds it closer. "And so it falls to me to bestow the Matrix of Leadership upon you, Nova; you, our greatest champion, our brightest hope."

     I receive it (the light, it hurts me) from him, open myself to it, consume it within my body (hurts!), feel the connection deep within my spark, and I am lost. Body, mind; what are they to me? A memory, nothing more… nothing of consequence.

     I float (swim) in the light, and there is no time, no space, an infinity of consciousness. I drink it in (more), let it fill me (moremoremore) and I am master of all, the last link in the unbroken chain, part of the ages. And then they come for me.

     I sense them rather than see them (who?), a whispering susurrus that builds (stop) and builds (please) until they threaten to overwhelm me, drown me in a sea of pure mind. Whispers become words (such words), become a cacophony of demands, thought fragments pressing upon my psyche… and I know them.

     The Matrix bearers surround me (who am I?), press upon me; they say (think) they have wisdom to impart, knowledge to gift me. But there are so many (so many) and they keep coming (so MANY); they will not stop and I am powerless… powerless before them.

     I never imagined, never dreamed, of the history that lay behind our race (my race); generation after generation, on and on into the mists of the past, and I know (I KNOW) that were I to follow their lead they would take me down, down into the blackness, into the very genesis of our kind, the ultimate mystery. Yet I recoil from that final step (I must not) for I sense only my destruction were I to take that path.

     But I cannot shut out the words (such awful words) though I beg, I plead for them to stop; they chatter and urge and cajole until I fear my very spark will bow under the assault. The images they show me; eon upon eon of memories, our world as seen through a thousand lifetimes (why won't it stop?), and oh, I see. I see our glories, our triumphs, our tragedies and everything we have been, and after an eternity I understand.

     I know my purpose (dread purpose) and my spark sings. I will take the petty accomplishments of these dead phantoms and accomplish what they could not (what they dared not); I will take our people and lead them out amongst the stars. I will take our glories and make the universe witness our majesty (make them KNEEL); and when I am done, when I finally lay myself down to rest (never) I will know that my works are good.

     The endless presences howl their defiance as they realise the wondrous scope of my ambition, but they are dead (deaddeaddead) and they cannot stop me. Even as they shred and worry at my being, I will not bow to them. There are so many (too many) but I will not

     I will



     "Nova? Nova!" Omega Supreme is holding me, and I feel my body (prison) around me once more. "Are you all right? Nova!"

     I feel my face wrench into a rictus grin.

     I can still see the light.

     I can

This month's entry for the IDW writing comp. The theme this time was 'Nova Prime.'

I tried something a little different with this one; let me know if you think it paid off.

And yeah, turns out the only aspect of the Matrix I ever really liked in G1 was the idea that all the wisdom of previous bearers were in there. Will this be so in the IDWverse? I dunno, but for the purposes of this story it might be. Or Nova may just be a raving nutbag. You decide.
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hde2009's avatar
This is hands down the strongest piece of yours I've read yet.

You're writing some truly credible, edgy Transformers fiction here. Keep it up!
temple-phoenix's avatar
Heee! Thanks, buddy.

I'll try, I'll try. I'm very trying, or so several exes have told me.


Wait a minute...
hde2009's avatar
Wow! Your exes were kind! All I ever get is torrents of malicious lies, the odd volley of sniper-fire and the occasional abusive hand-written letter!
temple-phoenix's avatar
Heeeee! I'm still great friends with all my exes, luckily.

For if they should ever band together against me...

hde2009's avatar
Thankfully, I have only two. And when HdE parts ways with a woman, whole planets have been known to get caught in the crossfire!

Good job I'm a super-callous-cold-as-ice-neo-post-pop-lite-pop-hit-pop-metalist.

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious!

OhMahGawd I'm channelling DICK VAN DYKE!
temple-phoenix's avatar
You mockney chimneysweep!

I favour a post-industrial-punk-nihilist-rocker aspect, myself.
hde2009's avatar
Whatever works, m'man. Whatever works :D
JZLobo's avatar
Copy and pasting what I said on the IDW board for "posterity":

Oh my gosh. That was what I thought when I finished reading this. This is probably one of the most ambitious stories I've read since I joined the comp. It definitely feels like a swirling cacophony of thought. Well done, well done!.
temple-phoenix's avatar
And thanks again, buddy!

Glad my noodling paid off for you. Hopefully I managed to get across the fact that meeting the Matrixbearers had a huge effect on Nova, but that there was something a little *off* about his thought process even before that.
JZLobo's avatar
More or less, you got that point across, yeah.
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