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Pinkie Pie's Party Gun

First, let the sound load real quick. second...

Behold! my first ever animation (cuz gifs are animations in loop). A lot of work and love was put into this. more time was put into this then needed, but it was worth it. hope you guys like it, and expect to possibly see more in the future. another great thing is that it looks like this is straight from the show, so ya, swag.

programs used
- Corel Painter Sketch Pad
- Photoshop CS5.1
- Flash CS5.5
- Garage Band

i also think that there are 10-12 animated parts, and loops every 50 frames running at 18 or 20 frames a second.

was going to add more of a flashing effect, but the program could not handle it, so i toke it out. still looks awesome without it though, so im not heartbroken.

and as for the gun, its a high powered minigun that fires rounds of confetti at high rates of fire. would stay clear from the front when pinkie is behind it. may be confetti, but it will still hurt.

animation is based off this image i did
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The ennemies death is caused by the loud noises of the gun ? <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="395" title=":P (Lick)"/>

Anyway, it's a good deviant, so congrats.

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HOW DID YOU GET SOUND ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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.SWF file. They hold sound, and DA is great for the fact they let you download .SWF's on here (Be nice if Tumblr did that).
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Say hello to my little friend. 
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AK aim and fire :tatatatatatatatatata: Yay For Machine Guns Mr. Gunz Gift:Shooting shooting m40 Gun Test Dance lessons :yeehaw: FIRE WITH HER
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there are 2 more versions of this as well!
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how pinkie deals with haters
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ooooooo baby lets dance 
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The GE M134 was rated at 4000 to 6000 rounds per minute (was kept at 4000 due to overheat and wear issues). The latter Dillon improved M134D (cam driven and cam action) could sustain the 6000 round rate and not overheat or wear so badly as to be unserviceable. Just a little info from an old war horse (yes Air Force uses these too!). HAVE FUN! (neat work!)
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Pinkie pie Delivering party at 7000 rounds a minute
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Im not a brony but I really like this
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Glad you like it! this was my first use of flash too. If you like this, you might like the 2.0 version [link]
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I had headphones at high volume when this popped up...
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so did most people when I first posted this XD sorry about that.
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Meh it's alright.
I was playing Deus Ex HR and the volume was a bit low. Forgot to lower it on my Turtle Beach set and BOOOOOM everything's on 11.
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