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Pink Waaagh

First and for most, I would like to celebrate, by saying that I have reached over 3,000 watchers, over on Deviantart! Not only that, but the new warhammer 40k, 7th edition Ork codex came out recently. So, to celebrate both a new codex to the army I play, and gaining such a huge amount of watchers, I decided to celebrate by drawing a cross over pic of my fav MLP Character, Pinkie Pie, and cross her over with an Ork Warboss From the Warhammer 40k Universe.

All in all, I think I made an awesome pic!

This is 125 layers of awesome, clocking in at 16 Hours, and 37 Minutes of work. This has to be my most detailed pic to date, And boy am I proud on how this turned out.

I think I did pretty damn well on this cross over, and I hope it is loved by many! As I very much like this pic a lot. Kinda scary too >-> The idea of pinkie having a power klaw, and twin-linked shoota with a chain sword attachment is pretty terrifying, and judging by the city behind her, i'm sure they can agree.

At any rate, hope you love the pic, and hope you enjoy my Time lapse video linked below c:


Youtube Time Lapse Video:…

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Made header image for EQD's Drawfriend #1226 (Source #1):…
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"Dat thing iz not green! Kill it ladz!!"