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Cold and Alone

By Template93
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As any normal day, Pinkie woke up full of glee and happiness. While going about her day as usual, she seemed to have used her fourth wall abilities without even controlling, or being aware of it. This lead her to the human world, and can't seem to get back.

Now stuck, she sits in the dark, and grim section of the city that she has ended up at. She now waits in the ally's



Ready to go back home, and see her friends. . .
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This is a great picture. I personally find it annoying when people say that Pinkie Pie is just sunshine and rainbows, she isn't always, and this picture is amazing. The background tells a story of sadness.
But, I think it should be a bit darker, though I'm just assuming that its evening, and there are many rain clouds.
Its uncommon to find something that touches the hearts of bronies, especially when most of the art I find of Pinkie is grimdark or yuri shipping. I'm sure thousands of bronies would take Pinkie Pie in as their own in a second if they found her on the street like this.
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all the hugs she could use right now. thanks for the critique.
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Most of the Pinkie Pie sad deviations (including this one) show we're used to a happy Pinkie Pie, but life is not always laughs and sugar... life tends to change things in order to teach us a lesson...
The animation has a great quality and good sound effects.
Maybe you could add in the description the tools you used, the time took you end it, and most importantly, your... inspiration?
It's the first time I watch this animation and I, as many others I think, would like to read the full story or watch a complete animation about this.
Amazing job.
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i have to agree a full story or full animation would be very very amazing to see
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Glad you like it :3
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

The message being promoted here is crystal clear. Pinkie Pie is simply a misunderstood pony and she needs our undivided attention. I must say the artist did a very good job of presenting the idea of loneliness and depression to us. The technique and colours have been thought through well, and what came out in the end was amazing. Seeing this makes me want to adopt Pinkie Pie. It's such a shame that we aren't ponies. Well done template93. You've touched our hearts yet again. Here is an awkwardly placed paragraph, because I can't think of anything else to say.
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thanks for the critique ^_^
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I would honestly take pinkie into my home and take care of her, until she could go back home, and hope she would visit me, or find a way for me to visit her.
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......I didn't ask for these feels... ;---;
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'Ello, Miss. Are you alright here? I can spare you a blanket if you like, or a roof.
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*walks over to pinkepie* youo ok pinke  *pets you*
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This is Awesome! Great work!!!
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Thanks. An old work, but it still holds up.
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sa but this is rely good.
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PINKIE!Cry forever STITCH LLORA Sad Pony 
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