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Corey M. McClure
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Greetings my oh so loyal (And also very patient) Followers and friends!

Needless to say, i'v not been around too much. Especially in the last, 2 years i'd say. While I did make small baby steps this year (2018), it was still pretty lack luster to say the least. No where near what I used to do in my prime with you fillies and colts.

Despite that, I'm working on making a road map for the year of 2019, or at least some points or interests I'd like to go for.

to start, i'd say my mental health is much better then what it was months ago, when I came forth with my issues (And for sure Waaaaay better then what it was in 2017). I haven't had any thoughts, plans, or drive to end myself like I had been doing, for, i'd say a few months now? maybe a mild intrusive thought here and there, but that gets shadowed over quickly now with more positive thoughts. I'v taken personal steps, and reflections to improve myself on a mental level, and so far it's doing good. Because of that, I feel like i'm getting my drive back that I had lost over the years. With that, I want to start putting my idea's and silly drawings out there to share with you all to enjoy with me!

With that in mind, lets talk about a few things I want to try and work on, or to just talk about moving forward!

Patreon; Ever sense I first set an account up, I did, alright with it. At first it was a monthly thing, where every month I would get support to help drive myself with making arts. But was not delivering, so I switched it out to a "per creation" basis. Did fine with that for a bit, but then stopped when the depression, and lack of motivation hit. After looking at it again, I want to try and make it work again (Third times a charm). To start, everything will be cleared of posts, and will start fresh with my account. The plan With Patreon, is that I want to create at least one high quality pic, per month at a minimal, 2 at max. This should give me enough space between each drawing for brakes (Between video games, work, and other life things that get in the way). I will also not be paywalling anything behind patreon, as I much rather share my works to every one. Though, if you guys have future suggestions for tiers or whatever, let me know! I'm not sure what other artist's do with their page.

Commissions; I know one thing i'v been asked about a lot was in regards to commissions. For now, just assume i'v closed my doors on that (Though i'm sure I could make a few exceptions, but we'll see). I haven't really been good at keeping up with anything, so i'm not quite comfortable doing them, for fear of making you wait so long for something. So until i'm more confident and speedy, I'd say wait until I make something more official.

Tumblr; As of recent (With Tumblr shooting itself in the foot), I did delete anything NSFW off my blog over on Tumblr, and turned that/this blog into a SFW blog (Much like what I did on DeviantArt a while ago). I'll still post silly and cute things, just like I normally do, or, at least will try to do more of.

DeviantArt; I miss interacting with some of you, so I'll try and do more journals, discussing topics, idea's, or other random things. Could be a good way to reconnect, and to help keep your old boy Tempy here in check :P

Lewd things; With Tumblr purging adult content all together (And in effect, purging itself of a following), All my spicy stuff with be posted on two sites (By me at least). Derpibooru, and Comdotgame (When I finally make a game worthy for you). Both my DA, and Tumblr accounts should have fast links to my main pages when they apply. So for those of you waiting for new lewds, stay turned.

Equipment; Something of recent i'v been making a list of, is what kind of new software, and hardware i'd like to have. Starting with the hardware, i'm been using my laptop (MACBOOK PRO 17") from 2011, to now. Needless to say, i'v gotten a lot of use out of it. only had to replace the motherboard once (And that was free (Thank Celestia)). At the moment, i'v been browsing for a new computer. I'v been looking at the 27 inch macs, and doing some of the math, money wise for that. "Why don't you get a PC", you'll say. Because PC gives me trouble every time, and i'd rather work with something I know I'll get enjoyment out of. As of my current setup, I have adapters to make my 50 pound drawing tablet work, and it does put some strain on this laptop. With more powerful, and non laptop top set up (How it should be hooked up), I don't have to worry about over heating as much. Speaking of drawing tablets! i'v had my current one for almost as long as the laptop. I Currently rock a 24HD Cintiq. It's large, and heavy. As i mentioned, 50 pounds at least! Been looking at the newer models. they weigh 15 pounds, and are so, so sexy. but also 4 figures (^^'). For now though, i'm just looking into a desktop (But if I can get that tablet too, oh boy). In terms of Software, i'm looking at 3 of them. The first is an upgraded/newer version of the drawing program I use now (Corel Painter 12). Its a 2012 version, and am interested in getting the 2019 version. Looks good, smooth, and full of additional options for me to better explore more art possibilities! Another is an animation software (Moho PRO 12). First heard about if from a user named "CloppyHooves", and after looking into it, I really want it! I'v tried messing with flash again, but with it being purged by 2020, and it being more and more frustrating to work with (Lack of any support it seems), I need something else to play with that won't crash, and MoHo looks like the program i'v been needing. And the final program on my list is a game making program (Gamemaker: Studio). This is so I can make games, using animations from Moho that I could make, and the like. I'v never forgotten about one of my more regrettable broken promises from the past, but with this on the fore front, I can hope to fulfill my past misdeeds, and to create future works that can be enjoyed by old and new!

Money; Hoping my main work place doesn't drain me too hard. On my days off, i'm going to try my best to work a plan to get arts out. I have the potential I believe. But I have to work at it to achieve my goals and progression. With a plan set, I'm hoping that with hard work, I can make Patreon work well for me, provided I have those of you willing to support me on my future endeavors. The plan is to use part of whatever Patreon Money I get, Plus tax returns to help me get the equipment i'm looking at. It will cost me, but i'm wanting to go for it to try and be better at what I do, and to get me going further forward!

What's going on this month? (December); I might be able to squeeze in a pic or two if I can. I have an idea for one, with a story to go with it. It involves the Tornado that I saw go through my town on the 1st. First time i'v ever seen one, and VERY close no less (I'm talking 2-3 blocks away), but that's a story for a later time. Next week i'll be going to Florida, Disney Land with my mom for a week. Should be really fun, and should get me fully recharged in general. it's been 10+ years sense my last official vacation, so i'm going to enjoy what I can while i'm down south (^.^). I'v also got a pot luck at work going on. Can't wait to see the look on my crushes look when I give them their gifts (Oh yea, I have a crush, but too afraid to say anything (I also happened to drew their name for the secret Santa thing, so I went a bit over board with the gifts (But then again, I do that every year))). Aside from that, the rest of the month is open for whatever. Probably use that time to organize my computer files, price list all hardware and software I want, and then begin a new, productive, depression free year (Mostly).

mmmm, that should be everything I think. But yeah, thanks to all of you these past years for stick around. It means a lot. I may not be the most talented artist in the fandom, or in general, but it does make me glad that i'v kept all of you around this long, despite my flaws, mistakes, and issues. So cheers! Lets hope I can actually pull through with this, and make next year (2019), one of my best!

With a big Pinkie Styled hug
- Template93

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