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A Mimic?!! - Original Munchkin Card

Original Munchkin Card:
A Mimic?!! - Treasure Card - Level 15 Monster
This is a monster; you must play it face up when you draw it. You now fight this monster normally. +3 against Thieves.
Bad Stuff: Steals all your stuff and locks itself! Discard all your items and your hand.
2 Treasures

Original Art by professorhazard
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Any ideas about a way to make this card a little different, but still appropriate within the Munchkin games?

I've only played one Munchkin (Adventure Time). I was thinking it would be neat if the mimic kept all the stuff it took (like it implies in the description), but it LITERALLY kept the stuff. Whoever could then defeat it gets to loot through the stuff. So you'd make a little pile of captured cards somewhere, with the mimic card on top.

But would that seem really out of bounds for the game? Any ideas about the way to deal with that? Maybe anyone can decide to fight the mimic, at their turn... instead of kicking open the door? Or maybe it would be something they can choose if they "go looking for trouble" (like a public option of looking for trouble).
Or maybe the chest stays in "the room" (the room equal to your level, if you play levels using the gameboards with rooms), so only people in or near (one room over) can attempt to kill it? The Adventure Time game does not use this room system, but I've seen it referenced on other Munchkin stuff where there will be rules about "only someone nearby", which means in the room or a room next to yours.
Or maybe there can be a mimic loot pile, which you set aside, but you return the mimic into the pile of treasure cards. THe next person who gets the mimic (or a different mimic if using more than one) can get that loot if they defeat it.
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This should be official.
Hey, I'm looking at getting a set of custom cards printed, mind if I use this? It's an awesome idea and it reminds me of an enemy from a certain RPG I played on like the PS1 or something, can't remember which. I'll be getting them printed for me, and possibly a couple of others as gifts, and I'll credit you for your work on the card itself.
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well that's great, but I'd rather you make sure to credit the artist (pretty sure his info is still in the description).  Glad you like it, it's a pain in the rear in a game (buddy of mine got "lucky" enough to draw it in a game one time...after already fighting a stack of monsters the rest of us were throwing at him.  Great fun).
Oh yeah, I hadn't noticed that it was another artist. Turns out I'm not getting the set printed, as it happens it's pretty illegal! I thought because the Cards Against Humanity guys were okay with it that the Steve Jackson guys would be too, and I couldn't have been more wrong. If I can figure a way of getting it on to a blank card though I definitely will.
I was playing yesterday actually and drew the can of worms, I play with a pretty huge blender set and it had not appeared before. It can be a huge pain, but seeing as I killed a pretty huge monster before it I ended up going up 3 levels in a turn!
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I think yours is better.
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Is this based on the Can of Worms Card?
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Actually, no.  I had this down about a year or so before they came out with that one.  But, you know what they say...great minds think alike!
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Reminds me of one of the yearly booster card "Can Of Worms" which is a monster hiding among the treasures.
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I noticed they recently came out with that card, too.  Had no idea about it, but it certainly does add a bit more fun and back-stabbery to the game!
how many mimics do you usually put in your deck when you play?
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Heh, I've just got the one printed. Might make a second just to be sporting.
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i so want this card now!!!
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This is amazing. I've been working on something like this myself but completely blanked on how to do it and of course Mimic is perfect. I am going to continue a Pandora's Box series of treasures to be monsters like that too. Always reminds me of FF2/4's "Monsters!" chests. Great job. <3
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Nice one.
I made a similar monster. Yours is far tougher though.
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Thanks! My play group does a lot of the "I'll help for a treasure," or "I take all the treasure if I help you fight the monster." I thought this could be a nice...surprise...
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