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Sons of Eden - Cover by templar127 Sons of Eden - Cover :icontemplar127:templar127 13 16 DA's 16th birthday!! by templar127 DA's 16th birthday!! :icontemplar127:templar127 6 4 The White Library WIP by templar127 The White Library WIP :icontemplar127:templar127 4 9 Sonata-co :3 by templar127 Sonata-co :3 :icontemplar127:templar127 12 2 Commission: Socks by templar127 Commission: Socks :icontemplar127:templar127 19 15 Dappleton - Nimbus Character Catalog by templar127 Dappleton - Nimbus Character Catalog :icontemplar127:templar127 4 0 Dappleton - Nimbus by templar127 Dappleton - Nimbus :icontemplar127:templar127 5 5 Rari-tay! by templar127 Rari-tay! :icontemplar127:templar127 15 7
MLP Sons of Eden Chapter 3
    The night wind howled when the illuminated moon appeared in the dark-blue sky, a night that would even bring Luna to her knees. But even such a beautiful celestial body like this isn't all about staring high above the heavens and dazzle at the glistening stars. After all, you can thank the never-ending progress of globalization which so happens to block that precious starry night with its smog.
    The smokey cubicle apartment rooftops filled every air space of Neighpon with their rusted satellite dishes and cheap, crooked TV antennas. Neon signs flickered continuously while worker surveillance drones roam the streets for any trouble makers. Truly the blend of old, reliable technology and sophisticated ones is not at all new in the eyes of a Kirin. The citizens of Neighpon, a genetic pool of hooves and scales, are the ones usually with the upper hand on gadgets and ideas in making the world a better place. But times went
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Commission: Nimbus Mech by templar127 Commission: Nimbus Mech :icontemplar127:templar127 7 7 Commission: Colorful Love by templar127 Commission: Colorful Love :icontemplar127:templar127 13 12 Now you can taste...COLOR!!! by templar127 Now you can taste...COLOR!!! :icontemplar127:templar127 6 14
MLP Sons of Eden Chapter 2
Open your Eyes

(Echo slams)
("Please, Help me! My friend! She's sick")
("We knew this was coming...")
("NO! no no...I-...I didn't mean...)
June 24 20**, 6:45 AM Equestrian Standard Time (EST)
    "We're sending you in. Priority target 'Zodiac' must be recovered and remain unscathed. Reports say it is located underground. All other targets are expendable. Good luck."
    Those are the last words displayed. That is the order. A simple safe-and-recovery exercise to extract a high-priority target guarded by one of the tightest securities available; it makes the Canterlot Royal Guard look like foal's play. That is what he has to do.
    But he has existed in scenarios like this. Never has he gotten cocky but maintains a cool head and takes his time to focus even in somewhat hopeless situations. He brushed his purple mane one last time before getting into gear. He knew this was going to be another day in the job. But what he
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SOE Synopsis

My name is Twilight Sparkle...or at least that's what they call me. I am what ponies say as The Princess of Friendship, the Element of Magic, and protege of Princess Celestia. But unknown to me, I was hidden from the real world. A world very much different from the one I call home. And by the time I knew about itit was already too late for me. Because this vibrant, unusual, and dangerous world... it has always been here. Watching me. Waiting for me...
Everything that I have ever known, every book that I have read, everything that I have experienced during my friendship trials...was it all worth it? Who is Abstergo? What is my father hiding from me? What are MY FRIENDS hiding? Why is Celestia paranoid all of a sudden? Everything makes no sense anymore. Because it doesn't tell me what I needed to know:

What am I?
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MLP Sons of Eden: Intro - Chapter 1
Nothing is true...
(contrast picture of grey)
(dust particles in the air)
(smell of burnt ash)
(muffled screaming)
Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria...
Twilight Sparkle brushed through her books inside the library of her newly established Crystal Castle. She pondered over her seemingly endless piles of research-worthy reading material just to feel sane.
:icontemplar127:templar127 0 11
Commission: Nimbus by templar127 Commission: Nimbus :icontemplar127:templar127 6 10


My Girlfriend's a Hex Maniac: Chapter 2 - Page 7 by Mgx0 My Girlfriend's a Hex Maniac: Chapter 2 - Page 7 :iconmgx0:Mgx0 117 14 Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 10.5) by Pony-Berserker Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 10.5) :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 129 25 [Commission] Moon Blaze by sararini [Commission] Moon Blaze :iconsararini:sararini 38 1 [Comm] Marie Pixel by Monogy [Comm] Marie Pixel :iconmonogy:Monogy 126 9 CSSC: Spectral Wind by Ipun CSSC: Spectral Wind :iconipun:Ipun 98 0 CSSC: Spirit by Ipun CSSC: Spirit :iconipun:Ipun 123 0 Trio by Silent-Shadow-Wolf Trio :iconsilent-shadow-wolf:Silent-Shadow-Wolf 72 3 Kirin Sol by digiqrow Kirin Sol :icondigiqrow:digiqrow 29 4 Sword by Fenwaru Sword :iconfenwaru:Fenwaru 62 2 AT : Adostume by D-Dyee AT : Adostume :icond-dyee:D-Dyee 209 14 You and I by Margony You and I :iconmargony:Margony 89 3 Richart Spark - A Gift by ZidaneMina Richart Spark - A Gift :iconzidanemina:ZidaneMina 32 4 Calm day in forest~ by xcinnamon-twistx Calm day in forest~ :iconxcinnamon-twistx:xcinnamon-twistx 12 3 AT: Ivory Buttercup by Doodle-Mark AT: Ivory Buttercup :icondoodle-mark:Doodle-Mark 29 2 Discord Ship Adopts (CLOSED) by Naughty-Savage Discord Ship Adopts (CLOSED) :iconnaughty-savage:Naughty-Savage 165 8 Fallout Equestria -  Littlepip (2) by IIapIIIuBbIu Fallout Equestria - Littlepip (2) :iconiiapiiiubbiu:IIapIIIuBbIu 106 2


Just got back from Christmas vacation with family! Been a lovely time! Sorry if it's late but...



I am not an artist myself, but I love and appreciate it a lot! Also, I'm a Brony! F*** THE POLICE!
:iconflita: reached 400 watchers! YAY!!!


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