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I am super excited to say that I will be taking my Aviary paintings to Toronto in Feb for The Artist Project art fair. I have a whole bunch of brand new birds to show.

If you are in Toronto you could come and say HI.

The Artist Project
Feb 19-22 / 2015
Better Living Center / Exhibition Place
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Another year is almost finished. I haven't yet determined if it was a good one for me. Super busy ... YES ... but did I do everything I wanted too? Did I accomplish all the goals? Did I create all the things I wanted too, and finish the projects I wanted too?

I think, as always, i'm operating at a rate of about 50%, maybe 60%. I'm going to try not to over analyze it to death.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! 
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September 26,27,28 - Edmonton Expo Centre

Hey everyone. I will be exhibiting in the ARTIST ALLEY of the Edmonton Expo again this year.

I hope to see you there!

Find me at TABLE E17

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If you are traveling to the Calgary Expo this year, make sure you stop by my table in the Artist Alley and say HI! April 24th - 27th.

I will be at table N6. The middle of the middle. :)

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I hope everyone has a great holiday, and the end of 2013 is smooth and restful. :)

I am certainly looking forward to my time off, in which I plan on working my butt off on art. So, not so much of a break but at least I can do it on my own schedule. Sleeping in is very nice.

Thanks to all of my new watchers, and everyone who favourited my art over the year. I really appreciate the support.

For a long time now, a programer and I have been working on a 2d video game in the style of Gemfire and Romance of the three Kingdoms. Its been a slow process as its an independant project, but we are getting very close to the end. You may have noticed a few artworks I have posted for Sunset Over Lievnos. :)

The day has now come to dip the proverbial toe in the Kickstarter pool, and ask for much needed help to push us over the finish line.

We would be so grateful to anyone who enjoys my artwork, or who is a fan of these old school games who would donate. Whatever you can afford even if its just $1. Although, we have AMAZING rewards if you choose to donate more than that. :)

Check out the website too for more of my artwork.


Wow. Thank you so much for the DD on my Waxwing painting. I really, truely appreciate it.

Its overwhelming, the amount of Faves, and comments. Not just on this painting either, on so many of my other works too. I could never respond to all of the love individually, so this is a blanket THANK YOU for all of you who took the time to check out my gallery, who wrote a comment, and faved my work. You made my week!

A special thank you also, for Fleursama, who suggested my painting as a DD. THANK YOU!!!!



Like my fan page on facebook.…

By prints and originals in my Etsy shop.

My Blog.

Last but not least, my Website.


Just an update. :)

You can find me in various places.

Like my fan page on facebook.…

By prints and originals in my Etsy shop.

My Blog.

Last but not least, my Website.
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Where does the time go? I hope everyone has a great 2013. I look forward to seeing what it brings for me. I have a lot of work to do, so my big dream is that it all pays off in a big way. :)
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I'm Canadian, so we dont really have a Black Friday. Instead we have Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas. This isn't so good if you are looking for a great deal to buy that one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.

However, starting November 25th and continuing until December 31st, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all items in my Etsy Shop.

Original artwork and prints will be shipped for free! :) No added costs, or hidden fees.

I will also be adding some older work to a special SALE section of my shop over the next 4 weeks. These works will be 50% - 75% off my regular price. Great deals in there!

Be sure to check it out, and sign up to my facebook page if you want to be updated regularily on what's been posted to the Etsy Shop.
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I have a contest open on my Facebook Page.……

I have a mini KOI POND ILLUSTRATION up for grabs to someone who comments on the status update in the next 24 hours.

Keep it for yourself, or give it away. Its up to whomever wins.

I will also be putting up some small pieces for auction over the next couple of weeks. You could talke home an artwork by me for really cheap.
Stay tuned. Make sure you like my Facebook Page so you dont miss out on the action.
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This will be my first time at a Comic Con, and I am so excited. This is the first year for the Edmonton Expo. You may have heard of its big sister the Calgary Comic Expo or CCEE which happens in April.

Last year over 60'000 people attended the Calgary convention (mostly because of the main attraction with a full reunion of the Star Trek: Next Generation cast!), so it would be totally awesome if both the Calgary and Edmonton become huge success's. What a boon to Alberta in general.

Anyway, the Edmonton Expo, which I am showin the ol wears at will be on Saturday October 20th, and Sunday October 21st.


I will be in the Artist Alley at booth F2.

I will be blogging about this more leading up to and after, so visit
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My facebook fan page is at 95 likes. SO CLOSE!

Thanks everyone. Im still hoping to reach my goal of 100 FANS though.

I hope you will "like" it. I post about various art related stuff, show off works-in-progress, and let you know when I have a new listing on Etsy.………………

Once the 100th person has liked the page, I will enter everyone's name into a draw for free artwork!
That sounds pretty awesome, right!
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In 2012 I want to reach 100 followers on my fanpage.

Care to help me out?…

Follow the link and "like" it. I really hope you do.………
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If you can find some time during the holidays. Time seems to always be in short supply.

I am off on vacation time as of the 18th, and I am so ready for it.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday. That you find the time for family, friends, and yourself (most important).

I want to find the time to make some artwork, just for myself (okay, and for others as well). Time to get away, like away away. I would like to hit a hot spring if I can. And some time to heal old wounds so I dont carry them forward into the new year.

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I often have moments (and I think all artists do), when I look at another artist and wonder how they can have such great ideas. Then, I wonder why my ideas are so boreing.

The grass is always greener right?

The artists that I really admire always seem to have lots of creativity and imagination. Tackling subjects that seem so much bigger than the real world, and giving them a style that is a little left of center. I love fantasy for this reason. Its totally made up. Who can make that stuff up?! Where do those ideas come from? From the outside it seems like a really magical process. Just as magical as the finished artwork.

I have to battle my own sense of the mundane. Thinking that my own work is to reality based, and to simple.

Im being too hard on myself of course, aren't we all like that.

Im pretty sure William Morris felt the same way when he compared himself to some his contemporaries like Dante Gabrielle Rossetti. Morris is one of my absolute favorite graphic designers. He did things with simple flowers and plants that made them so much greater than what they were in real life, and yet showed how amazingly inspirational they were. Its such an interesting juxtaposition. A wild rose is so fascinating, so simple, so run of the mill when you see it everyday. Yet, so complex, so whimsical, so beautiful it could stop your heart. Who wouldnt want to reflect that in their art.

Is this the cross we all have to bare as artists? Constantly trying to be as good as nature? That wierd and wonderous realm where everything is possible, even when its impossible.

Always striving to be better, to be grander, and more original?

Am I just thinking too much?

Maybe its okay to be boreing.
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Just in case you didnt know already, I do have a limited amount of prints available in my Etsy shop.

They are all of my Creepy Girls, even the latest Day of the Dead ones.…

They are $5.00 each, with FREE shipping.

Check it out if you are a collector .. or even if you're not.
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You know when you check into DeviantArt, and you do a double take because you notice you have over 2000 activity messages! Well, thats what happens when you get a Daily Deviation. :D

I am so happy and grateful to have had such a pat on the back. Its a great feeling.

To Saraiza, THANK YOU for suggesting my bluejay for a DD. You will never know how much it means to me that you did that.

To Mollinda, THANK YOU for choosing my bluejay for a DD.

To the over 2000 Deviants who favorited my bluejay and many of my other works ... you totally made my day, and THANK YOU!

To the Deviants who favorited multiple works by yours truly, extra THANKS YOUS.

To the Deviants who are now Watchers, THANK YOU. You are special to me.

To all the Groups who are featuring my artwork in your Groups, THANK YOU.

To all the Deviants who left comments, THANK YOU! I wish I could reply to each one (because im riding a major happiness high and want to share the love).

All in all, im pretty stoked to get a DD. Its such an injection of confidence which artists require regular doses of to carry us through those blocks, those low points, and those times of rejection.

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Oh wow.

Having the best weather ever this September. Eery day is 30 degrees, totally clear sunny skies, and just that perfect hint of Autumn.

I wish I could spend every day outside soaking it in.

Its starting to get dark at 8pm. Thats the only bummer. Soon it wil be dark by 4:30. Winter Solstice here we come.

Im trying to take advantage of this magical time as much as possible. If art can be done outside, thats where it will get done! By George.
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Another weekend where I plan to have a garage sale, and another weekend with rain.

I really should just be ready at any moment to throw my signs out and start selling.

If its a nice day, you have to jump at it apparently, because if you plan something its bound to rain.
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