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Published: November 7, 2014
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I am super happy to release the images from my Wonder Woman Dress Shoot! 

don't often talk about my design thoughts for projects, but I thought
it would be fun to provide some details from this project for those who
are curious:

It took me about a week to create the dress at 10-14
hours a day.  The hardest part was hand sewing on the gold emblems. 
The entire upper part of the costume was made from recycled materials
and scraps from other projects.  The skirts are the only materials I had
to buy new.

In design I wanted this dress to have a classic
Wonder Woman feel, but I wanted to make it feel a little older in
style.  I had seen pictures of Captain America costumes that were more
antiqued and vintage feeling and I wanted to get a similar effect with a
Wonder Woman costume.  To that effect I used darker materials than
normal for the outfit and went with a more detailed and glamorous design
for the emblems. I then fitted the emblems over a traditional corset
pattern.  I wanted the boots to be leather instead of vinyl, because I
feel like vinyl is a very modern material and would instantly place this
piece in a more modern era if used.  I made a modular cape for the
piece that was removed for some shots.  You can see it in this
particular image draped to the side.

On the note of the cape, I
know that wonder woman is not normally depicted with a cape.  This goes
into another factor for the design.  The Wonder Woman universe is
centered around a paralleled universe of Greek/Roman mythology.  She is a
Princess of the Amazons.  A warring female tribe of legend, known for
their warrior strengths.  From that information, I wanted to create an
outfit that borrowed style from greek/roman warrior dress.  That is were
the cape that straps to the breast-plate and the side draped skirts
come in.

That was my design for this costume, I am hoping to get a video out soon to show the shoot in motion. =)

Photography/Costume/Editing: Harmony Sage Lawrence
Model/Styling: Kate Horn

Added to my devWatch! WATCH Added to my devWatch!  me on deviantart to see future things come from this project! =) Heart +fav

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Comments (18)
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AveragePhotographer|Hobbyist Photographer
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lenlenlen1|Professional General Artist
SO hot!
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good art,beautiful woman
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AussieDidge|Hobbyist General Artist

Credit has to be given to Kate for her modelling here; her look of supreme, relaxed unconcern sells me on the fact she’s the Amazon Princess. She’s just daring somebody to have a go at her… :iconcomeatmeplz:


The detail and effort that went into the costume shows as well, especially the emblems on the chest and waist. One week of 10-14 hours per day? That sounds exhausting… :faint:


While I could say that the background feels pretty dull to me, I can’t help but feel it’s a solid choice because the brooding colours offer a stark contrast to the iconic costume and allows for a better focus, letting it stand out more than it already does. The photo also seems a little bit cut at the top, but thankfully the crown was spared. (Fine effort on that too, by the way. :nod:)


Overall, great effort on this pseudo classic look. Certainly leaves an impression on fans of comics and heroines in general. Keep it up! :)

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lenlenlen1Edited |Professional General Artist
You always show this much attitude in your pictures? Hawt! :blowkiss:
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Princess-Amy|Hobbyist Photographer
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hassn19|Hobbyist Artist
so nice 
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ArteDigitalSA|Student General Artist
epic job!!
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dottys-friend|Hobbyist Photographer
The Wonder Woman dress really suits Kate.  You captured her nicely.
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brlars|Student Photographer
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I really like the eagle design :)
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very nice work
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Snowing by KmyGraphic

 pretty girl

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: First Spring Asters by JocelyneR   
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Rosa-Lynda|Student General Artist
Amazing !!! :D Love the outfit, it really suits you !! :)

Well done !!;)
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TEMPERATE-SAGE|Professional General Artist
Thank you! ^^
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Rosa-Lynda|Student General Artist
You're welcome !! :)
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