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Puck the Saytr

My Saytr Puck.
He won first prize at the Cal-Con 2009 Costume contest.
The entire costume with the exception of hte belt and gloves was made by me.
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Canon PowerShot SD870 IS
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1/15 second
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5 mm
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Mar 28, 2009, 1:03:52 PM
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thanks! I'm actually selling Puck here:

Tunic not included, but it does include his head, plus new hand and feet hooves.
I'm so tempted
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I know I've said this before, but you're fabulous at digitigrade feet.
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Thanks. I actually have a full tutorial on how I made Puck's legs here: [link]
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Neat. The look is quite effective. How good is the range of motion?
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Great range of motion. The upper torso is just fabric costume so I have full range. The lower legs are padded, but it is minimal. The Ankles are the most limited, if often feels like walking in ski-boots. However I can climb stairs, sit, kneel down, squat, run, jump dance etc with no trouble at all.
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Primo. Is this one for sale? Or is it a personal costume?
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It's a personal costume. However I am currently making a new goat head to sell. If it does not sell at the CCEE at the end of April, I will probably put him up for auction online.
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Congratulations! Nice work on the goat-guy.
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He turned out great and congrats on the award. Which suit do you plan to wear to the zoo....if we get to go?
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I was planning on wearing Theo the beaver, but I won't have time to install a fan in his head, so I'll probably just wear Fynn my Wolf again. This will be his third trip to the zoo, and he's pretty reliable and comfortable.
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Theo? That fits perfectly! Let's just hope we get the weather for this.
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yeah I'm trying to figure out some way of water-proofing my feetpaws... Hmmmm
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If it's nice enuff to suit, but still quite wet, I plan to make closed cell foam elevator soles to attach to the bottom of my feetpaws....this way I won't have to make new ones.
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heh, I might just wrap my feet in plastic bags XD Even if my paws get wet, my feet should stay relatively dry.
I will be making some bunny ears to attach to Fynn's head though
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Sounds like fun....can't wait to see it.
You told me that you use plastic molds to make your eyes, what method do you use to de-gas the resin? I have tried vibrating and vacuum method by putting the uncured mix in a coffee can and running the vacuum hose through a hole in the lid....this still won't do the trick. For the resin, I'm using the alumilite 'water clear'.
I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm trying to make custom molds for eyes, but I'm having trouble getting rid of all the gas and achieving a glassy surface. I made the mother molds from alumilite...then lathed it to a glassy surface...but for some reason, this smooth surface doesn't transfer perfectly to the negative mold for which I use flex 80. Wonderful stuff btw.
In short, I want to be able to make any size and shape of eye with a perfect surface.
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very very slowly and gently stir your resin and catalyst. It will prevent air bubbles from appearing at all.
I've never been able to get rid of bubbles once they form in the liquid resin, so I just do my best to make sure they don't form in the first place.
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Wow, this is incredible! Fantastic work! Congratumalations on winning first place!
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Congratz. The whole product looks great, love that digitigrade effect on the legs. (I know I've seen it on your previous suits already, but it still impresses me.)

Are the full black gloves there to represent hooves?
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