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Hello again! I don't know how soon they'll show up, but I have some open spaces in Certainty of Dishonor for cameos! They won't play too big of a part, but I would love to introduce some other nuz cameos in my comic :>

The only thing is that they must be human. As much as I want to draw gijinka, they don't exist in this world, so it would be a little odd, I think. But if you have any active human trainers, please just comment below following these guidelines! I want to make sure I have everything right, and this should make it easer - thank you, and I'll cameo as many of them as possible!

Trainer Name: (full/preferred)
Gender/Pronouns: (so I don't mess anything up and be disrespectful on accident!)
Nuzlocke They're From: (title and game, please! if unavailable, just put N/A :) )
Pokémon on Team: (can be from any region. also note which pokemon are most notable if you have a preference! The full team may not show up so be sure to specify who's most important.)
Reference Links: (please include good reference images! Also, if your Pokémon are customized at all, put notes to that here as well.)
Other: (basic character/personality traits, etc.. Whatever you feel I should know. they may not be too fleshed out in CoD but it always helps when deciding what expressions to draw!)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note or ask me however you're most comfortable! Thank you!
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Nikolai and Baxter - Trainer References
I'm assuming I don't have to list the details :3