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Certainty of Dishonor - Page 008



And here's the next page of Certainty of Dishonor! My apologies for it being late, I worked hard all day to get it finished. Thanks again for your patience, I'll try to keep up the pace for this month ^^

So! Wes and Rui go to watch that stadium tournament after all. In this page, Wes finally opens up a little bit, and we see that Rui is still somewhat concerned about how things are going, although she stands by her earlier declaration of trust. Damien likes pets, Dante gets jealous - everything is arguably going great.

Until it isn't :)

Author's Notes:
- I like drawing Pokémon. A lot. They change up the page a bit and break up the monotony, so I hope you like them!
- Pls don't stare too hard at the crowd, I have no patience or skill
- The lighting in the stadium is a little wonky; I was trying to replicate how it looks in-game. For all intents and purposes, this is a closed-off stadium, hence why the light was different from outside.
- I'm still getting the hang of drawing our newest arrival, but I'm excited to finally introduce him (most of you should know who he is just from the game, lol)
- I tried to be more background-inclusive this time as opposed to just using gradients- not sure how it went but I'll try to keep improving :>
- Wes is becoming increasingly more fun to draw

Our first cameo arrives! The characters that are featured in this page are EonSylvie's Eon Araminta and Xiyou, the Butterfree hybrid. If you would like a character to cameo in future pages, feel free to submit a request here! I only accept human character, but if your gijinka looks human or can be simplified down to a human design, that works too ^^

If anyone wants me to mark this as containing mature content due to the blood, please just tell me! I should've said that on my last page, too, but that goes for everything; if you ever have a problem or would like me to accommodate your needs, please don't hesitate to tell me ^^ 

As always, please keep the comments spoiler-free! :>

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One last announcement: Thanks to my two patrons on Patreon, you all have unlocked a side comic! It's a single page, and it'll delve into a part of the story that would not be shown in the main storyline. I'll be making that simultaneously along with the main story.
If you are interested in constant updates, unseen character sketches, or behind-the-scenes art and a first look at each rough draft posted, you can consider becoming a patron.

Okay, I'm done advertising, haha. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

Pokémon Colosseum - Nintendo/Genius Sonority
Art - Me

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I was thinking he looked a little venomothy! Great to see the plot picking up!