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Certainty of Dishonor - Page 007



At long last, page 7 is out for the new year! I deeply apologize for the three-month-long break, but from here on out I plan to get back on my normal updating schedule. Thank you all for being patient with me 
m(_ _)m

Anyways, Team Snagem Wakin and Biden show up, and we get a peek at how much damage Wes's little boom-boom at the start caused. In the videogame, the player would typically have a Pokémon fight here, but it was rather uneventful and there will be plenty of fights in the upcoming pages, so I decided to pass over it this time ^^

Also, I apologize for Wakin's potty mouth
he says lots of bad words :c

Again, thank you all for reading! I also have an announcement to make, though, although I'll make it short :)

I have made both a Ko-fi and a Patreon! If you wish to support me (as I don't have the time to work many hours, with my major, and have college debts sitting over my shoulders) you can Buy Me a Coffee for a one-time $3, or you can become a patron in order to get rewards!

If you don't have the money right now, I totally understand - just that you're reading this is an honor for me, as a creator. But any amount, no matter how small, helps me a lot. ^^*

On that note, thank you for your continued support! Have a happy new year, everyone :heart:

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Bad words
...All he needs is a beard an' Wakin's a true irish.