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"The most reliable thing about honor is that there is always someone less honorable than yourself."

After much time spent planning this out, I am just about ready to take my Nuzlocke Comic, Certainty of Dishonor, off of the ground.

Certainty of Dishonor is a Pokémon Colosseum nuzlocke challenge. The main character, Wes, is an ex-team Snagem member who is on a journey with Rui, a girl with a mysterious power, to take down a criminal syndicate and save Pokémon whose hearts have been closed.

For those unfamiliar with a Nuzlocke challenge, it's a self-placed challenge in Pokémon in which you are forced to catch a limited amount of Pokémon, and once a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead and you can no longer use it during your playthrough. People place a variety of different restrictions upon themselves while playing to make the games more challenging (if often more emotionally destructive for oneself).

Now, as Pokémon Colosseum is different than the standard Pokémon franchise in its capture system and playthrough, I have had to tweak around some of the rules a bit. The rules will be introduced in another page, or can be found on my Nuzblog, which I will place the link to below.

I sincerely hope I can get my first page out soon, and that people will come to enjoy it. I have a lot planned for it, but as this is my first nuzlocke comic and only my second large-scale comic project in general, things may not go precisely as planned. I will certainly do my best, however. Thanks to those who decide to come along for the ride!

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great--SNAKES's avatar
Just today I was wondering if such a nuzlocke existed! You have made my wandering thoughts valid! Looking forward to reading this now!