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Supermarket Strategy (Comic)

By Temiree
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As confident as Nes appears, he's not immune to being a little self-conscious. :meow:

For this comic, I thought I'd skip inking and go straight to coloring by only cleaning up the original sketch a little. Does it look good, or do you think you guys would prefer regular inking?
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This is relatable and it's great.
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That would be me because I would buy a lot of junk food ( mainly chocolate ) 😂😂
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I think it looks great.  Ferris is still my favorite character of yours but Nes is definitely number 2. 
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I like it; the sketchiness makes it look more stylish.
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the sketchy look looks good Tem.
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"Voice recognition engaged, your option was... High quantity of junk food embarrasement. That is the top option this year, have a nice day!"
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SO nice, I love it <3
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I've never seen a self-checkout thingy at all... xP
Little sketchy looks pretty good tho.
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Gotta wonder how he keeps those arms looking beefy with all the junk food he eats...

(By the way... hidden comment is me.. apparently dA still hasn't done anything about that bug where it leaves a new comment as a reply to the previous. Sorry)
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Most of the junk food is for his roommate Ryan. X)
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I can relate to this on a spiritual level. Brilliant :rose:
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I don't see why he, let alone anyone, would be embarrassed by such a thing. It's your choice at the end of the day; why waste grey matter on what people you don't know think of your eating habits?
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ive had a checkout do that to me before!!! i just clicked other because the other options were "faster checkout" or "easier checkout"
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I totally know the feeling. XD
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The sketchy look looks quite good :meow:

Lol, I didn't know there were self-service checkouts that gave surveys xD
Temiree's avatar
I don't know of any, I just bent reality to set up the punchline. X)
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Ah ok, makes sense! xD
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I wonder if Ryan has embarrassing moments?
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He's pretty shameless, I think I'd struggle to find one. X)
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This describes me so well..
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